Rapid Delivery of Insurance Platform for Premier Banking Organisation with DAPx

Our customer is a premier banking organisation. The customer occupies a unique position in the Irish market across retail, corporate, wealth and insurance. Version 1 was engaged to provide a strategic technology and implementation approach for Digital Transformation across the Wealth and Insurance business covering multiple subsidiaries.

The Digital Transformation programme is central to the bank’s strategy to grow its share of Ireland’s wealth market while serving customers brilliantly, underpinned with sustainable profit growth and customer experience.

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A Next-Generation Digital Platform

The customer engaged with Version 1 to deliver a next-generation digital platform for customers and help the organisation gain market share through the ability to differentiate itself from competitors.

The customer required a strategy to be defined which would allow them to deliver a technology transformation approach, including:

  • Defining an approach for agile release cycles
  • Decoupling point-to-point solutions which were limiting reuse
  • Assessment of key solution providers for core transformation initiatives
  • Definition of an operating model to adapt for architecture evolution


Leveraging the Power of DAPx

Version 1’s Digital Acceleration Platform, DAPx, was leveraged to provide high-quality design and delivery of AWS Cloud Architecture supporting high availability and secure solution within 6 months.

An insurance application was developed, which provides multiple insurance products (Car, Home, Van) to customers through the mobile application and website. The application is integrated into multiple insurance providers to provide a range of choices for customers.

Features for the application include:

  • Security Login
  • Car Registration lookup
  • Select Insurance Cover
  • Quote Retrieval
  • Credit Card Payment Integration

The MvP for this application was delivered over 6 weeks through a DevOps delivery model, with product delivery and integration into the customer taking 4 and a half months.

Real Differences...


As a result of this engagement, the following benefits were delivered to the customer:

  • Strategic Technology Approach defined and signed off at board level budget in excess of €40M.
  • Technology program mobilised and delivered 1st solution with Life Advice (Family Protection).
  • Actively managing multiple technology workstream across the program.
  • Delivered new general insurance platform with InsureTech provider built on Version 1’s DAPx.
dapx background

DAPx: Digital Acceleration Platform

Based on open source technologies, our Digital Acceleration Platform DAPX supports the delivery of specific customer journeys and customer experience applications at scale and at speed, through pre-built digital components deployed in a standardised way.
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