Regulatory Compliance with kdb+

A global investment bank engaged Version 1 to design a post-trade kdb+ data equities analytics platform.

Given the new regulations introduced under MiFID II, the customer had to ensure that their equities trading applications were compliant. They needed to enhance their mature, multi-layered analytics platform to provide an increased level of post-trade transparency, storing more detailed order and execution data with a focus on maximising timestamp precision throughout the orders’ lifecycles.

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Understanding the Customer's Requirements

Version 1’s team of KDB+ experts with equities expertise worked closely with the customer to understand their requirements.

Following a thorough review of each application across it’s equities portfolio, the team gained a deep understanding of how the bank operated in this space. With collaboration with the internal teams including those in the legal and compliance department, our experts designed a robust and reliable solution that met regulatory requirements.

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As a result of this engagement, the following benefits were delivered:

  • Application is fully compliant with MiFID II regulatory requirements
  • Each component is fully documented to aid with future external audits
  • Integrated with existing mature systems to build robust and flexible solution

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