The Role of the DBA in the Cloud – AWS Premier Partner Webinar

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As companies strive to make the best use of their cloud programs to lower their IT spending and improve business through better IT enablement and adoption, their traditional IT team structure is affected.With these changes, roles such as the Database Administrator won’t be in demand in their traditional form within the medium-term. The good news however, is that there are new responsibilities in the Cloud that align very closely with similar skills, knowledge and purpose. Whilst Database Administrators have been told they are very much needed in the Cloud, and will be freed from mundane activities to perform more interesting ones, little work however has actually been carried out to define what these activities are to inform the Database Administrator or their employer/management of what the next steps should look like.

In this webinar, we discussed why moving to the Cloud should be seen by Database Administrators as an advantageous, desirable opportunity that will offer interesting, career-advancing work.

It offered a high-level overview of the following from an AWS perspective:

  • The valid and very important role that the Database Administrator plays once workloads have moved to the Cloud.
  • How the career of the Database Administrator far from falters on this new landscape (often the current perception), but how it can grow, advance and offer far more for filling and interesting activities to manage and perform.
  • High-level comparisons between on-premise DBA work and Cloud, setting out how many of the same activities are performed but in new and different ways in the Cloud.
  • The importance of this role in setting appropriate safeguards, checks and governance within DevOps teams.