Education Collaboration

Our commitment to working with education institutes and organisations to encourage and inspire the next generation into IT.

What do we want to achieve?

Version 1 are working to inspire the next generation into IT and raise awareness of the opportunities that available in technology, that may not be immediately obvious to students or people looking to change their career paths and revisit education. We will continue to promote all options for professional development for those who want to start employment, or who are transitioning, into a career in tech.

At Version 1 we believe it’s important that we act as role models to students and ensure that we help to break the traditional stereotypes held of careers in the IT sector, encouraging the next generation to take their next step into their professional progress.





What do we offer?

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Career Talks

We provide career talks to multiple schools, colleges, universities and other education institutes in order to highlight career pathways that are available to students, as well as the work we do at Version 1.

C.V. & Employability Skill Sessions

We run C.V. and employability skill sessions with education institutes. Aimed at improving a student’s soft skills and giving them the confidence to make a step towards their career in IT. We do this by running mock interview sessions alongside organisations, to provide students with the opportunity to test out their interview skills in a safe environment and gain valuable feedback.

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Work Experience

Version 1 offer work experience to students aged between 16 and 18. Providing them with an beneficial insight into to what a career in IT actually looks like, as well as an opportunity to develop their expertise in skills that are a necessity in office environments, such as team work skills

Hear It Straight From The Team

Listen to a podcast our employee Dermot Murray took part in with as part of Gradfest 2021 with Queens University Belfast...
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Career Insights

Do you want to hear from our team members themselves? Below we have videos from a few of our employees, across a selection of roles, which look at how they got into their career, their favourite part about their job and advice they have for those starting out in technology...

Dermot Murray
Senior QA Test Analyst
Watch Dermot's Video
Shilpi Anand
Technical Consultant
Watch Shilpi's Video
Orlaith Kelly
Strategy & Business Planning Manager
Watch Orlaith's Video
Justin Hillis
Managed Services Consultant
Watch Justin's Video
Tanya Matthews
Business Analyst
Watch Tanya's Video

Explore Our Roles

We have multiple opportunities available for those who are looking to start a career in IT. Take a look below to see what roles are open reach out if you have any questions.
Our Graduate Roles

Our Pledges and Commitments

To achieve our Education goals and support our ESG strategy, we have committed to achieving…

  • 5% of staff taken part in an education outreach event by 2023
  • 60 work experience programmes / placements offered to students by 2023
  • 1000 students reached from outreach activities by 2023
  • Engaged and worked with 100 education institutes and organisations by 2023
Version 1 employee

From our Head of Education Collaboration...

“Education Collaboration is all about working with young people and education institutes to showcase the amazing opportunities available in IT. We want to provide them with the skills, confidence, and experience to enable them to pursue a career in IT.” – Tanya Matthews

More Insights From Our Team