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PeopleSoft Solutions and Services

We provide expert consulting and support services to enable our customers to maximise the benefit from their investment in PeopleSoft.

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#1 Oracle partner as voted by our customers

Version 1 was recognised with 14 awards at the annual UK Oracle User Group (UK OUG) Community Awards 2024 including the following awards:

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ERP Fusion Cloud Partner of the Year Award (Gold)

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HCM Fusion Cloud Partner of the Year Award (Gold)

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Analytics Partner of the Year Award (Gold)

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EPM Partner of the Year Award (Silver)

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Applications Unlimited Partner of the Year Award (Gold)

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Managed Services Partner of the Year Award (Gold)

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Data Integration Partner of the Year Award (Gold)

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Business Transformation Partner of the Year Award (Silver)

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OCI Partner of the Year Award (Silver)

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Best Application Project of the Year Award

Who we are

We employ highly skilled and experienced PeopleSoft HR, Payroll, Financials and Campus Solutions consultants and have an extensive track record of delivering implementations, upgrades and managed services for enterprise organisations across a broad range of sectors. Over 25 years we have delivered hundreds of projects, on a global basis.

The services we provide

Staff Augmentation

Bring one or more of our team to work alongside or to backfill your own team, to free up internal capacity or manage through some resourcing constraints. Augmentation can be from our onshore or offshore team members (all employees), also (for UK-based clients) avoiding any IR35 complications.

Security Analysis

A customised analysis of each quarterly Oracle Critical Patch Update and any interim high priority updates that Oracle may release. This analysis is performed by our experienced team of PeopleSoft Infrastructure specialists against the current PeopleSoft environment and provides a custom report of recommendations, shining a light on the areas that are at threat today, so that you can quickly harden your solution to future attacks.

Image Insight

Version 1 offers an exclusive subscription service giving a readable but detailed overview of the updates within each new PeopleSoft Update Image, within 3 weeks of the Image release. This service will allow you to understand the updates and key fixes without spending many days researching the Oracle release notes. If you would like to know more, please reach out to us.

PeopleTools Upgrades

Version 1 has always been at the forefront of PeopleSoft technology, regularly sharing knowledge and experience of the latest PeopleTools functionality. Our upgrade methodology has been refined over the years and our clients trust us to deliver upgrades swiftly and safely, unlocking the new functionality within the Tools release whilst ensuring clients have platform which is secure.

Managed Services

Mitigate the risk of unpatched security vulnerabilities, run PeopleSoft in the Cloud and adopt new features faster with Version 1’s ASPIRE Managed Services. With a wide range of services on offer, such as security health checks, Image Insight, PeopleSoft as a Service and Automated Testing, Version 1 will support and enhance your PeopleSoft applications.

Application Upgrades & PUM Updates

If your PeopleSoft application is not 9.2 then you are missing out on a wealth of new features. We at Version 1 have a proven track record of well over 30 successful 9.2 upgrades, to get you onto the best and very latest version of PeopleSoft. If you are already on PeopleSoft 9.2 applications, then you will be familiar with PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) for lifecycle management. We provide a ‘Get Current’ service, where we will update your application to the latest PUM Image to ensure you have the most feature-rich version of PeopleSoft. Whether you are a regular or infrequent updater of your application, we have the people with the experience to get you and your customisations to the latest Image. We can also help you reduce the impact of your customisations on future updates, through the adoption of non-invasive customisation techniques now available or the elimination of the customisation as part of a process review.


It can be hard to keep on top of the extensive new features/functionalities that are available and to understand how these can be deployed quickly to get maximum value. Some organisations also find themselves in a situation where the solution isn’t giving them what they need to address specific organisational challenges or opportunities. Our optimisation service allows customers to understand three key things: What: A summary of the relevant features available that have not yet been deployed Why: A summary of the benefits that they would deliver. E.g. increased user engagement, improved usability, process efficiency, etc… When: How long each would take to implement and along with a cost estimate We can help you establish what you can implement to derive maximum value for the least investment. Our experts can help you drive real value from running PeopleSoft HCM, Global Payroll, Financials and Campus Solutions. Areas are varied, including structural change (re-organisation, acquisition etc), new functionality adoption, process improvement, de-customisation, analytics adoption, mobile access and many more. The work can be stand-alone or combined with other projects, based upon a specific requirement or a more general improvement agenda.

Migration to Cloud (IaaS)

Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud can streamline and lower your IT costs, giving you a more flexible infrastructure that can grow with your demands. Cloud computing opens up a whole host of new capabilities, such as native storage – so you no longer need dedicated file servers, autonomous databases and fully resilient Disaster Recovery capability built into the architecture. Hosting PeopleSoft in the Cloud allows you to fully manage the PeopleSoft application, or hand over some of the infrastructure, database, and PeopleSoft platform management to us as part of a managed service – the choice is yours. We have extensive experience migrating on premise PeopleSoft to Cloud IaaS and hold the highest level of partner status with Oracle OCI, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

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