AWS Strategies for Cloud Migration Success

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Are you thinking of moving your applications to the cloud? Version 1 has unrivalled experience in helping our customers to understand the technical makeup and customer value of their applications and make critical business decisions. That is why, as our customers embark on the journey of migrating to and operating in a cloud-first development environment, we are there to help them every step of the way. 

We understand how valuable time is to our customers, and that the ability to move quickly while staying on track is critical when making these changes.

We have partnered with AWS, the world’s most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform, to develop and deliver best practices and accelerators to assist customers in migrating and modernising workloads and applications to achieve cloud benefits more quickly. 

Moving to the cloud quickly is the best first step for many organisations, which is why Version 1 is here to help. 

Download this eBook to discover the key benefits of cloud modernisation, why it’s important, and how your organisation modernise in a way that’s cost effective, timely and secure. 

Our AWS Partnership

Version 1 is a leader in Enterprise Cloud services and was one of the first AWS Consulting Partners in Europe. We are an AWS Premier Partner and specialise in migrating and running complex enterprise workloads in Public Cloud and were named AWS Migration Partner of the Year 2022. Read more about our partnership here.