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Utilities Whitepaper: Are We at The Centre of a Digital Shift?

What is currently happening in the Utility industry?

Whatever your role is in the utilities environment; whether you are an energy generator, provide transmissions & distribution capabilities or are at the customer retail supply side. Due to recent changes in this sector, each business will be required to significantly transform how they operate over the next 10 years. Seeing all parties to this ecosystem needing to transform in order to adapt. And in particular, digital transformation will be critical to support these aggressive targets and changes. Making it necessary to seek effective means of managing significantly enhanced volumes of data to ensure energy demand is aligned with the maximisation of renewable energy.

In this utilities whitepaper, discover how consumers can become savvier when consuming energy, how regulation will also have an important role to play as the net zero agenda is delivered and how to ensure that sections of the population are not left behind to an increasingly digital world.

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