Smart Text

Gain Real Insights into your Text

Smart Insights and Semantic Search

Version 1’s Smart Text allows you to analyse your documents and text, extracting meaningful information such as named entities, regular expressions, sentiment and much more. Natural Language Processing (NLP) has had a dramatic impact on the ability of organisation’s to develop new and actionable insight into the conversations and interactions they have with their customers, including the documents they receive.

Version 1 Smart Text solution includes components like Smart Insights and Semantic Search; which have been developed using a mix of open source frameworks and custom components. Each service has been developed as a separate mini-app, exposed via REST APIs. Like LEGO bricks, the components can be combined to shape different solutions to meet our customers’ goals.

Smart Insights component is a combination of three mini-apps : Sentiment Analysis, Named Entity Recognition and Regular Expression Extraction. These mini-apps can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Semantic Search component employs Open Source libraries to match some keywords with a large terminology list. The user provides one or more keywords and the system will look for similar and related words.

Try Smart Insights and Semantic Search out by pushing the button below with the text from the BBC article provided as default, or by entering any text of your choice!