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Leverage Version 1’s expertise to instil DevOps and DevSecOps cultures and provide customers with the ability to securely automate the deployment of workloads.

Version 1 have a strong history of AWS DevOps and Dev advisory, project delivery and operations. With a range of specialists, from hands-on engineers, architects, organisation and enterprise change advisors, our experienced team is well equipped to support your organisation’s transformation.

With customers across both the public and private sector, we bring our customers along the journey from legacy to modern development, operational practices and culture. Our team of DevOps and DevSecOps specialists can deliver a bespoke solution tailored for your organisational needs.

Why Choose Version 1 as your DevOps and DevSecOps Partner?

DevOps & DevSecOps expertise
Over 300 AWS certifications and accreditations
Private and Public sector expertise
AWS DevOps Specialisation
AWS Premier Consulting Partner
AWS Consulting Specialisation
AWS MSP Consulting Partner
Multi-Cloud, public and private Cloud specialists
Expertise across the globe
Version 1 has enabled Musgrave to accelerate their Cloud digital retail strategy through the adoption of Agile delivery and DevOps principles and practices in its delivery of new digital products. This has created the "right conditions for delivery within a modern digital enterprise that shifts retail services to the next level.
- Musgrave Group

Version 1 have a wealth of experts that can instill DevOps and DevSecOps cultures and ideologies in your organisation. Once you engage Version 1, we will understand your DevOps or DevSecOps requirements and business drivers. Version 1 will work with you to ensure that we address any pain points and close gaps to add measurable value to your organization.

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