Smart Data Capture

Drastically Reduce your Manual Form Processing​

Innovate your Data Capturing

As part of our productivity-focused Smart Action Suite, Smart Data Capture is a data capturing solution developed by Version 1 Innovation Labs, which uses intelligent OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Image Processing to interpret and understand imported documents.

The application scans documents, quickly matching typed and handwritten text to the expected fields of a form. An intuitive User Interface provides the capability for the user to quickly review and correct the processed documents. 

Benefits of Smart Data Capture

Gain Operational Efficiencies
Reduces Form Processing Costs
Auto Document Classification
Reduced Risk of Human Error
Fully Customisable Validation Rules​​
Easy System Integration
Low Running Costs

Smart Data Capture Use Cases

Increasing Efficiency

To increase efficiency, validation rules can be applied to fields, helping the user quickly identify the incorrect fields and rectify them. This ensures better accuracy and overall performance.​​

Smart Data Capture builds upon Cloud Partner technology using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It wraps with Version 1 IP to enable this unique workflow experience. This drastically reduces the manual effort needed to process documents as well as reducing human error, a side effect of repetitive and monotonous data entry.

Hassle-Free Installation

simple installation

Version 1 gets your organisation up and running with the solution quickly

No Fuss Customisation

Easily customised by Version 1 to meet your needs

Optimised UX

User-friendly dashboards and interfaces for seamless management

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