Smart FAQ Bot – A Custom Chatbot Solution for FAQs

Harness the power of AI to answer your FAQs 24/7

Deliver Accurate and Timely Answers for Your Most Frequently Asked Questions With Smart FAQ Bot

Version 1 has built a comprehensive and customisable Chatbot solution which enables our customers to gather, publish, curate and manage organisational knowledge to answer FAQs from internal and external stakeholders. Smart FAQ Bot utilises a mix of best of breed Cloud technologies and custom components with innovative and cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Benefits of Smart FAQ Bot

Increase Efficiency
Automatically and dynamically generate your FAQ pages from our Smart FAQ solution avoiding the need to duplicate your organisational knowledge.
Enable Higher Value Service
Smart FAQ Bot enables your staff to focus on answering more complex queries.
Improve Response times
Don't keep employees, users or customers waiting unnecessarily .
Build Knowledge
The process of 'teaching' your Smart FAQ Bot will gather your organisation's knowledge in a central location.
Improve Quality
Standardise the answers given in relation to important company information, responses, policies, etc.
Ease Pressure
During peak-times such as onboarding new staff or peak business period.

Smart FAQ Bot - Low Cost and Highly Customisable

Reduce the Pressure on Business Resources With a Smart FAQ Bot

Effective Knowledge Management is a real challenge facing many of our customers. The following typical scenarios can be a drain on organisational efficiency:

  • Customer Support: Your organisation’s call centre and customer support professionals are struggling to manage the volume of incoming queries from customers. Unable to self-serve, your customers contact your call centre, resulting in increased wait times and reduced efficiency overall as operators spend time unnecessarily dealing with repetitive generic queries
  • Employee Onboarding: Your organisation has delivered an induction session to a new staff member where they learn all about your organisation and your processes. However, as they navigate their first few weeks, they invariably have many questions. When do I get paid? What is our policy on Expenses? How many days annual leave do I have? How do I join the Sports and Social club?
  • Public Service: Your organisation is responsible for processing information for the public such as funding schemes where citizens need to submit forms and personal information. Most months of the year, the number of incoming queries for support from is very manageable, however in the run-up to key deadlines for submissions, your staff are inundated with generic queries, resulting in your organisation hiring new staff to meet the sharp rise in queries

What if the person answering those questions is new to your organisation and still learning themselves, or what if your operator is not a subject matter expert? Will they be able to answer the query in a concise, consistent and timely manner? Smart FAQ Bot is now offered by Version 1 to enable our customers to deliver a consistent response to users to drive efficiency and reduce pressure on business resources.

Hassle-Free Installation

Simple Installation

Version 1 gets your organisation up and running with the solution quickly

No Fuss Customisation

Easily customised by Version 1 to meet your needs

Optimised UX

User-friendly dashboards and interfaces for seamless management

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