Declaring an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)

Effective & efficient Oracle ULA declaration with Version 1 Control™

Supporting the declaration of your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement

At Version 1, we understand that declaring an Oracle ULA can (and should) be time-consuming. It can be disruptive to core business activity and stressful for many. There is a lot at stake as non-compliance and considerable unbudgeted cost may be an issue if you are not able to make an accurate declaration at the end of the ULA unlimited period.

With issues ranging from product deployment to identifying which products have been installed and not used, or whether you have used products not covered by your Oracle ULA, it is hardly surprising that many businesses find declaring an Oracle ULA a minefield. Have you deployed ‘enough’ to justify your initial investment?  Can you do more now to mitigate future spend post declaration?  Have you understood and optimised Cloud usage?

An accurate Oracle ULA declaration requires your business to be able to answer these and many other questions so ensure you allow plenty of time to prepare. It also requires you to have been measuring deployment throughout the ULA term as part of your license management process.

How we can help

Version 1’s license experts have unrivalled expertise in Oracle Unlimited License Agreements and can help you prepare for your Oracle ULA declaration. Whether it is understanding your options at declaration, validating your declaration data or help with where to start in the process, our Oracle license experts in conjunction with Version 1 Control ™ service can deliver:

Advice & guidance around the various options at Oracle ULA declaration point
Independent validation of your Oracle ULA data submission
An effective, accurate and timely Oracle ULA declaration with reduced business disruption

Version 1, the Oracle License Agreement Experts

Our software asset management and license team have over 350 person-years of Oracle experience and in-depth understanding of every phase of the ULA lifecycle – we can help you make the decision that is right for your business.

Thinking about a ULA?
Whilst an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement can give you the flexibility to save you money on Oracle licenses, they may not be the best way forward for every business. Version 1’s Oracle license experts can help you assess whether a ULA is the best commercial agreement for your business.
Need help managing a ULA?
The best approach to making the most out of your Oracle ULA is by adopting an ongoing license management strategy. Version 1’s Control service is a proven software asset management methodology and will deliver clarity and control during the term of your ULA and post declaration.
Declaring a ULA?
At the end of your ULA term you have several options available, but do you have all the information necessary to make the best possible decision? Version 1’s license experts can help you prepare for your Oracle ULA declaration and guide you through the entire process.

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