Managing an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)

Clarity and control over your Oracle ULA with Version 1 Control™

Oracle Unlimited License Agreements – managing your ULA

You have signed on the bottom line and are now the proud owner of an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement. Do you breathe a sigh of relief and carry on with your day job, or do you stop and think about how you are going to consider managing an Oracle ULA moving forward, both during and after the unlimited period. You know the correct answer.

The right approach is to establish a fit for purpose License Management Strategy immediately on commencement of the ULA, implemented throughout the lifetime of the agreement and beyond i.e. at least 4 years. The approach should be designed to centralise and control the deployment of software assets and therefore:

  • Optimise your return on investment, accomplished by planning and controlling deployment to ensure planned product take-up
  • Mitigate risk – ‘unlimited’ means unlimited quantities of a defined list of products
  • Be in a position of knowledge at the end of the ULA to enable effective future negotiations with Oracle
  • Understand Cloud scenarios, restrictions, opportunities and necessary operations

How we can help

Version 1’s license experts have unrivalled expertise in Oracle Unlimited License Agreements and can guide you through the entire ULA lifecycle.  If you have an Oracle ULA and need an effective asset management methodology, our license experts in conjunction with Version 1 Control™ service can help deliver:

Effective software asset management of your Oracle ULA over the entire period of the contract - pre-signing, unlimited deployment period, declaration and beyond.
Clarity and control of your license estate that helps to inform your options at the end of the ULA term.
Mitigate against and reduce risk through ongoing management of software assets.

Version 1, the Oracle License Agreement Experts

Our software asset management and license team have over 350 person-years of Oracle experience and in-depth understanding of every phase of the ULA lifecycle – we can help you make the decision that is right for your business.

Thinking about a ULA?
Whilst an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement can give you the flexibility to save you money on Oracle licenses, they may not be the best way forward for every business. Version 1’s Oracle license experts can help you assess whether a ULA is the best commercial agreement for your business.
Need help managing a ULA?
The best approach to making the most out of your Oracle ULA is by adopting an ongoing license management strategy. Version 1’s Control service is a proven software asset management methodology and will deliver clarity and control during the term of your ULA and post declaration.
Declaring a ULA?
At the end of your ULA term you have several options available, but do you have all the information necessary to make the best possible decision? Version 1’s license experts can help you prepare for your Oracle ULA declaration and guide you through the entire process.

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