Exploring Virtual and Augmented Reality

DAE Capital is an award-winning, full-service, best-in-class aircraft lessor. With over three decades of leasing experience, DAE Capital provides customised and comprehensive solutions to airlines to address their fleet ambitions. Owning and managing over 350 aircraft across the world with a US $14 billion portfolio, DAE Capital serves in excess of 100 customers across 55 countries and has 140 employees across 6 office locations globally.

DAE Capital is a valued customer for Version 1 and as their trusted IT partner, Version 1 worked with DAE Capital and other partners to complete a large and successful program to migrate their entire core business and financial systems to the cloud from their on-premise data centre, assisting DAE Capital into becoming a ‘Cloud First’ company. To find out more about this project, the case study can be found here.

Version 1 is now proud to announce a joint initiative between DAE Capital and the Version 1 Innovation Labs, in which the Innovation Labs will investigate new ways of visualising and exploring their data in a more interactive manner using disruptive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR).

The Innovation Labs have already begun to develop some Proof of Value (PoV) experiences for this initiative, using an Oculus Quest for VR and an Android device for AR. The Innovation Labs are excited at the endless possibilities these cutting-edge technologies bring and hope to develop similar experiences using Microsoft Hololens (MR) in the near future. The partnership between Version 1 Innovation Labs and DAE Capital further reinforces the company’s core value of Innovation, with the Innovation Labs aiming to prove the business uses cases for AR/VR/MR within the aircraft leasing industry.

Innovation Labs

An innovative company from inception in 1996, Version 1 is committed to maintaining an innovation edge to drive Customer Success as our customers’ preferred IT Innovation Partner. In 2018, Version 1 announced an investment of €1 Million in its Innovation Lab. Through the Innovation Lab, our customers will receive cutting-edge technologies and services, all designed around solving the real problems our consultants observe across our engagements with enterprise organisations.

Version 1 is a market leader in Enterprise Resource PlanningEnterprise CloudDigital Services and Software Asset Management. We drive Customer Success by identifying the best ideas and technologies that solve real problems for our enterprise customers. The results of our consistent commitment to innovation and making a real difference to our customers’ businesses are evidenced by our long-term relationships with our customers; our first customer is still a customer 20 years later.