Version 1 Recognised for ‘Pathways’ Program For Employees

Version 1 is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for an ‘Excellence in Talent Development’ award at the 27th Annual Technology Ireland Industry Awards.

The Technology Ireland Industry Awards celebrate companies who have achieved exceptional success, developed innovative technologies and partnerships and achieved significant sales results over the past year. The ceremony will take place in Mansion House, Dublin, on Friday 22nd November.

Version 1 has been nominated for ‘Pathways’, a model that focuses on driving enhanced Customer Success through the career growth and development of employees. The model is built around empowering and supporting employees in developing the skills and knowledge they need to grow their careers. The model makes it easy for employees to assess where their skill gaps are and understand how to fill them through learning and experience, both ‘on the job’ and through training and development.

The ‘Pathways’ model can be viewed as a four-layer model:

  • The base is a competency framework through which the core competencies, skills and proficiency levels required for all current and emerging roles in our business are defined
  • The second layer, through both knowing the competency profile of all employees and the roles to which they are aligned ensures staff development and customer service delivery are enhanced. This includes the ability to target core competency gaps by individual, align proficiency building activities to those gaps, then track and manage development plans through collaboration, event participation and performance management
  • The third layer is the core Learning and Development vehicles, which span formal learning content to peer learning through collaboration and events. Continuous learning activities are enabled through leveraging both a Learning Management System and comprehensive Peer Learning environment, supported by crowd-sourcing feedback mechanism to drive quality and relevance
  • The final layer is an operations and governance layer including a range of enablers to affect all learning and development activities

Pathways is instrumental in empowering employees career development through skills acquisition. Commenting on the nomination, Denis English, Head of Capabilities and Performance at Version 1 said:

We are delighted to be nominated for the Excellence in Talent Development Award at Technology Ireland’s Annual Awards. We have worked incredibly hard over the last year to implement the new Pathways model and we are already seeing excellent results from empowering and supporting Version 1 employees across our offices. The nomination recognises Version 1’s commitment to helping employees acquire the skills and knowledge they need to grow their careers and deliver great service to our customers.

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