Presidion is now Version 1

Presidion will today, June 17th 2019, operate under the new name Version 1 Analytics Limited trading as Version 1. The change follows the acquisition of Presidion by Version 1 in October 2018. The company has operated under an interim brand as part of the Version 1 Group since the acquisition. 

Dublin headquartered Presidion was founded over 20 years ago and established itself as a leading advanced analytics solutions and services provider in the UK and Ireland supporting customers to make more accurate evidence-based decisions. 

Version 1’s acquisition of Presidion was an exciting development for employees and customers helping to accelerate innovation in the expert analytics space and bringing Advanced Data Analytics expertise to Version 1’s customer base. 

The Analytics team from Presidion has joined Version 1’s Digital Services practice adding specialist expertise in Advanced Data Analytics to complement the best-in-class Digital Services and Solutions provided by the team.

Presidion customers are welcome to contact us via SPSS Analytics, with support available Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00.