G-Cloud is a UK Government initiative to encourage the adoption of cloud services across the whole of the public sector. It has simplified how the public sector buys and delivers services by creating a pay-as-you-go marketplace of services that can be easily scaled up or down, based on the changing needs of a business and its users.

Version 1’s public sector solutions are proven to reduce operating costs and support the Government’s agenda for digital and cloud first, whilst ensuring availability and reliability for key enterprise systems.

As a leading UK partner with Microsoft, Oracle, and AWS across application, database, infrastructure and cloud technology we are uniquely positioned to enable your organisation to realise the benefits of technology innovations through G Cloud.

Through this updated channel Version 1 is now offering the following services:

Microsoft-related Services

  • SharePoint EDRMS as a Service
  • SQL Server Database Managed Services
  • SharePoint Managed Service
  • Custom Solution Support on Azure
  • Microsoft.Net Cloud Solution Support
  • Dynamics CRM Managed Service
  • Bespoke SharePoint Online Services
  • SharePoint Healthcheck Assessment

Oracle-related Services

  • Oracle Migration Readiness Assessment
  • Oracle HRMS Implementation
  • Oracle EBS Upgrade
  • Oracle EBS Managed Services
  • Oracle EBS Implementation
  • Oracle EBS Health Check
  • Oracle EBS Extension & Optimisation
  • Oracle Database Upgrade
  • Oracle Database Managed Services
  • Oracle ADF Solution Support
  • Oracle Database Healthcheck

General Development and Cloud Services

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Software License Consultancy
  • SAM Managed Service
  • SAM Service Design
  • SAM Assessment & Diagnosis
  • License Compliance Review
  • Java Cloud Solution Support
  • Data Warehousing & Integration
  • BI Vision & Strategy
  • Analytics Solutions

Version 1 is also an approved Crown Commercial Services supplier on G-Cloud 7 and the Digital Outcome and Specialists Frameworks.