Version 1 has been appointed to the OutSystems Dynamic Purchasing System for the Scottish Government.

Version 1 is very pleased to be included on this framework which opens the door to extending our growing OutSystems practice into the Scottish Government, building on our success across our current Northern Irish Public Sector customer base and listing on the Scottish Digital Technology Services DPS. We are excited by the progress made in Social Security Scotland with OutSystems to date and look forward to helping with further projects over the coming years. Contact us about OutSystems here.

Andy Borthwick, Solution Architect at Version 1, said:

By combining Version 1’s experience in public sector software delivery, with the rapid application development potential created using OutSystems, the number 1 low-code platform, we are excited to see how much value we can help create for the Scottish people.

High performance low-code is about applying modern technology to improve the tools available to professional developers.  Don’t just take it from us – Gartner predicts 30% growth year-on-year, and by 2024, up to 65% of application development activity worldwide will use low code technology.

There are many low-code offerings in the market today, all aimed at accelerating delivery.  A high-performance low-code platform like OutSystems aims to improve the productivity of the developer by applying automation and intelligence to their work, both in making the solution work initially, and throughout the lifecycle.

There are two main scenarios where this helps:

  • Where a customer has little or no hand-coded solutions in place, and normally buys off-the-shelf software, then a high-performance low-code platform like OutSystems allows all the benefits of bespoke software which exactly matches the user needs, combined with the speed, scale, and supportability of an enterprise platform.
  • Even where a customer has historically built their own solutions, where there is a program of digital transformation that needs to move faster, the modular, reusable pattern in OutSystems makes development up to six times faster than traditional coding methods.

How Does Version 1 Develop OutSystems for Customers?

We believe that truly great experiences always require customisation, to bring the values of the customer to life through software.  We also recognise that change is constant, especially in the political sphere. But some customers prefer to buy enterprise software, with strong references and pre-built models that can be configured to meet their needs.

With OutSystems, our customers appreciate that we can offer the best of both worlds. We can move just as quickly as off-the-shelf solutions, creating data, logic, and presentation layers to fit exactly with the design intention, running on a private cloud with full ISO accreditation.  However, by making those solutions with OutSystems in a modular way, it is easy to extend and adapt to any new challenges that arise during or after the initial build.

Since 2021, the OutSystems platform has been used by Version 1 to provide a growing share of public services in Northern Ireland. This includes everything from school admissions and substitute teachers, to job centres, farming and environmental applications. These systems have touched the lives of over 200,000 citizens, well over 10% of the population of Northern Ireland.

How Does Version 1 Manage OutSystems Delivery?

While OutSystems provides an excellent toolset, Version 1 must also work with the right speed and quality for our customers.  We normally start with a detailed discovery phase, with background information and project vision, and high-level designs. During the development phase, we use agile software development methods that are tried and tested across 25 years of public sector delivery and highly tuned to fit rapid application development.

We also recognise that regardless of how a product was built, product launch is hard, and our track record of delivery across many stacks to large audiences helps us shape the release cycle to match the project requirements.

Why Choose OutSystems with Version 1?

Version 1 has been an active member of the OutSystems community since 2019, becoming the fastest growing partner in the UK. Our appointment to the OutSystems Dynamic Purchasing System for the Scottish Government shows our continued commitment to the platform as we look forward to the future projects planned with the platform.


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