Social Value

Making a difference at Version 1

We believe that Social Value impacts every area of our business at Version 1 which is why our Social Value objectives are consistently present throughout the organisation.

Our social value department at Version 1 works closely with our public sector customers to deliver their objectives to improve their communities.  Liaising with multiple departments, our social value manager develops initiatives that respond to the social value model and council’s strategic planning to support environmental sustainability, health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, improved economic equality, and recovery from the impact of Covid.


So, how do we go about doing this?

Our Community Programmes from Social Value

Social Value identifies partners within our customers’ communities who we can contribute to our programmes with their specialist knowledge. Using their insight, we have developed a selection of initiatives that include options for people in multiple social, educational, and employment circumstances.  Each initiative can be adapted to suit the needs of our community partners, connecting volunteers from Version 1 with organisations in our customer’s communities, delivering the sessions that they need most and supporting with guidance from our portfolio of off the shelf and adaptable initiatives

Driven to deliver excellence for our team, customers, and community

Social Value impacts every area of our business at Version 1. Our internal initiatives are managed by our pillar heads who utilise a network of local champions to propagate our ESG and customer Social Value objectives throughout the organisation.  In addition to this, for initiatives that affect core areas of our organisation  such as recruitment or training, we work with relevant department heads to ensure that we are addressing all impact areas and are delivering against our promised KVIs.

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The standards we are committed to

Social Value at Version 1 have been awarded Social Value Quality Mark Level 1 to recognise our achievements in establishing a company culture that drives excellence for our team, our customers, and our communities.

Representatives from across our ESG pillars, Talent Development, Business Support, and Strategy have collaborated to establish comprehensive and meaningful KVIs (Key Value Indicators) that will allow us to monitor our social value: committing to an extensive programme of internal and external initiatives in alignment with the core values of Version 1.

This accreditation formalises our organisational plan to continue to improve outcomes for all our stakeholders and represents a model of cross pillar collaboration that will ensure Version 1 remains at the forefront of delivering comprehensive, meaningful, and innovative Social Value.

Microsoft Irelands - Awards

Microsoft Ireland – Partner of the Year Awards 2023 Social Impact

Our Initiatives

Young people in classroom working on laptops
T-level Placements

We offer young people a minimum of 45 day work experience in our organisation, as a full team member. Aimed at Level 3 NVQ/T-level students, our placement scheme benefits by offering enhanced employability as well as access to the skills and resources exclusive to our organisation.

Multiple young people on zoom call
Short-term Placements

We offer an accessible programme of industry relevant tasks which are designed to aid young people with additional support needs, who are at risk of becoming NEET or who are deciding to reengage with education.

Our placement schemes are designed to work well community organisations and colleges, helping to provide a first step into IT.

A group of students working on laptops in class room

We work to provide young people between the ages of 16-24 the insights they need to start their careers in IT. This programme that looks at employability and developing technology skills is an opportunity for students to be come inspired and decide which steps they want to take to further themselves professionally.

Each insights programme is tailored alongside our partner organisations and suits the needs of each.

A zoom call showing young people working on laptops in classroom
Insights Foundations

Insights Foundations is the accessible adaptation of our Insights Programme. Designed to meet the employability needs of young people at level NVQ 1, as well as individuals who require additional support needs.

Each Insights Foundations programme is unique; designed with modules that are reworked to adapt the needs of each community partner.

An elderly woman typing at a computer
Digital Footprints

Our Digital Footprints portfolio provides digital skills for communities with sessions that support people over 75 to get online, young people to manage the risks and enjoy the rewards of a positive social media presence, and essential digital skills for charities and social enterprises.

The programmes is designed to empower community organisations to take ownership of our workshop materials, encouraging and creating a legacy impact.

I love Version 1's enthusiasm for Social Value, they work hard to be flexible to the needs of our community; expressing enthusiasm for collaboration and partnership working., and there is great stuff happening that directly responds to our strategic goals for Harrow London Borough. I look forward to hearing their updates and our councillors would be very supportive of the programmes they are delivering.
- Ben Goward, Harrow, Director of Information Communication Technology

Our Pledges and Commitments

  • An externally monitored programme of improvement for Social Value at Version 1:
    We are accredited by Social Value UK with targets to improve all aspects of the social impact of our organisation. We have committed to an audit of our social value programme in 2023 and look forward to publishing our first annual Social Impact report early next year.
  • 20 new partnerships launched through Social Value by 2023:
    Social Value will partner with 20 more community organisations to support their objectives through grants, digital skills training, and delivery partnerships that allow us to provide our programmes to their service users.
  • 1000 hours delivered through customer social value by 2023:
    Social Value will deliver 1000 hours for our customers by 2023, working with our partners to ensure our time is used for meaningful programmes that have measurable impact in our customer’s communities.
Version 1 employee

From our Head of Social Value...

“Social Value is an opportunity for businesses who work with the public sector to mobilise their workforce and create wide reaching benefits for us all through incremental, customer driven change” – Jude Mcvitty


Our Social Value Plan For 2023

Read on to know how we will support, monitor and report our key social value metrics and programs.
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