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Strategic Roadmap Assessment

Your business excels with streamlined processes and advanced applications. Our Strategic Roadmap Assessment ensures they align perfectly with your business objectivesutilising Oracle’s Cloud solutions, enriched with AI and Analytics capabilities, to reveal new opportunities. Our goal is to boost your efficiency, encourage innovation, and facilitate both growth and enhanced security.  

How can you maximise the business value of your technology investment after implementation?

Begin with our comprehensive assessment, customised to your needs and goals. This process includes evaluating your current processes, pinpointing areas for improvement, and tapping into Oracle’s suite of solutions—such as ERP for better financial and operational processes, EPM for informed decision-making, or HCM for optimising your workforce. It may also explore transitioning to Oracle Cloud to solve technical challenges.  

Our assessment equips your business to take full advantage of digital innovations, using Oracle’s solutions to streamline your operations, gain deeper insights, and ensure a stable, future-proof direction. Strategic-Roadmap-Assessment-simple-e1710330105215


Strategic Roadmap Assessment  options

Whether you’re at the beginning of your digital journey, seeking to enhance your current systems, or aiming for new heights of innovation, our Strategic Roadmap Assessment is relevant at all stages of your digital journey. You can choose between several options depending on your needs and the transformation stage you are currently in.

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Tailored Assessment

Follow-on from “Sprint Assessment” with deep dives into the opportunity areas and pain points.

Key activities:

1) Sprint Assessment
2) Tailored recommendations into the deep dive areas
3) Run the assessment based on your unique requirements


Current state challenges and tailored report, with detailed recommendations and plans to address, based on the selected areas of the deep dive.


Sprint Assessment

Accelerated, short exercise, to understand the current state and identify opportunity areas.

Key activities:

1) Review ‘As Is’ including documentation etc.
2) Insight sessions and workshops with key stakeholders
3) Analysis of findings and forming recommendations


A report highlighting pain points and opportunity areas in the current state, with recommendations to address


Full Sight Assessment

Complete assessment including Strategic, Business, Organisational and Technology aspects.

Key activities:

1) Documentation review
2) Deep dives with key stakeholders
3) Business case review
4) Process review and reengineering
5) Technology assessment and recommendation


Comprehensive transformation and optimisation priorities, with a roadmap to drive maximum value. Fully elaborated recommendations, and plans to address, aligned with the breath of assessment

Key assessment outputs

  • Executive Summary​
  • “As-Is” Solution Overview​
  • Opportunities and Solutions (Business Process, Functional & Technical)​
  • Options Considered​
  • Recommendation (“To-Be” Solution Overview)​
    • Business Process Opportunity​
    • Solution Architecture (Functional and Technical)​
    • Functional Roadmap
    • Technical Roadmap
    • Implementation Plan for Roadmaps​
    • How To Prepare​
  • Indicative TCO​
  • Benefits Measures and Assumptions (Financial, Efficiency, Risk​

Download the Strategic Roadmap Assessment datasheet

Oracle Strategic Roadmap Assessment – Your Path to Delivering Tangible Business Benefits with Oracle


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Do you want to learn how our Strategic Roadmap Assessment can elevate your Oracle investments to new heights?

Watch our enlightening session where we showcased how Version 1’s Strategic Roadmap Assessment can serve as your compass in aligning enterprise technology with your business goals and extracting maximum value from your Oracle investments. Discover custom strategies for technology alignment, continuous value post-launch, and real-world transformations.

Featuring: Ken MacMahon, Version 1’s Global Enterprise Applications Lead


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