Webinar: Application Modernisation Business Case for 2020: Proving Value

Webinar   |   26 February 2020 at 12:00 GMT

Hosted by: Roger Whitehead, Version 1 UK Advisory Services

Application Modernisation Business Case for 2020: Proving Value

This informative and practically focussed webinar follows the previous introductory Version 1 webinar on Application Modernisation which addressed the common misconception that you need to fully replace an existing application to derive value for the business.

Application Modernisation Business Case for 2020: Proving Value

Building on these introductory principles, this next webinar in our Application Modernisation series will identify modernisation solutions that evidence business value. Targeted at IT Decision Makers, this webinar on the 26th of February 2020 is hosted by  Roger Whitehead, Version 1 UK Advisory Services. 

This Application Modernisation session will:

  • Illustrate how to identify and validate the right type of use cases and contained business value where Application Modernisation can be shown to be appropriate
  • Demonstrate how to build a compelling business case
  • Provide attendees with the high-level insight required to structure the implementation to constantly deliver business value
  • Advise attendees on identifying the right stakeholders, organisational alignments, and supplier engagements required to underpin a successful implementation

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