Control and Optimise Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Licensing Costs

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Learn more about the consequences of turning a blind eye to Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licensing costs, management and how to optimise your spend.

Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licensing costs and management is often overlooked resulting in considerable overspend and needless shelf-ware. This is further perpetuated by Microsoft’s approach to bundling their SaaS products, adding to the cost of idle user subscription licenses.

Given the uncertain economic outlook, this unmanaged cost and waste is no longer palatable for organisations on the lookout to reduce IT spend. Businesses need a quick way to resolve this concern and manage ongoing without additional laborious administration.

Aimed at Financial, Procurement and IT professionals with an objective to reduce IT spend and waste, this informative Webinar, hosted by Version 1’s Principal Microsoft License Consultant, Karl O’Doherty, highlights observations and customer challenges in this application space and delves deeper into the following topics:

  • Microsoft 365 & Office 365 Licensing Vehicles – Understanding the difference between modern v traditional licensing, making sense of subscription license additions and reductions, and the importance of dissecting 365 bundles.
  • Microsoft 365 & Office 365 Data Driven Insights – Assimilation of data requirements, how to identify usage and waste to reduce cost, and share example cost optimisation reports.
  • Software Asset Management for Office 365 & Microsoft 365 – Share best practices for license and cost management and outline next steps in this process.

Learn more about Version 1’s Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Health Check Service.

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