Steppingstones to Effective Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal

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Learn about the steps required to prepare for the run-up to your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewal to fully benefit from a product, procurement and price perspective.

Renewing your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is not just about negotiating what level of discount you can achieve. There is potentially so much more on offer. The key to unlocking this opportunity is planning your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement renewal and negotiation strategy, giving you and your team enough time to understand your current situation, what Microsoft products the business needs moving forward and what additional Microsoft incentives are available.

Given the uncertain economic outlook, businesses are under pressure to optimise costs as far as possible and this is particularly important for large, longer-term contractual arrangements.

Aimed at Financial, Procurement and IT professionals with an objective to reduce IT spend and waste within your Microsoft estate, this short on-demand webinar, hosted by Version 1’s Principal Microsoft License Consultant, Karl O’Doherty, will illustrate the steps to take to effective EA negotiation, including:

  • Building your Team – Why it’s important to include a broad set of skills within your project team and the parts they need to play.
  • Prepare & Plan – Allowing your team enough time to understand your current Microsoft estate, from a deployment perspective, contractually and commercially and agreeing on the product roadmap and financial/commercial aims for the renewal term.
  • Vendor Negotiation – There is more than just price at stake. What else can you benefit from and how do you negotiate to your advantage?

Learn more about Version 1’s Microsoft Enterprise Agreement “EA” Assist service to find out how to manage cost, control risks, improve strategic planning and minimise the effort associated with Microsoft license position management, timely Enterprise Agreement True Ups and Renewals.

Discover information on EA delivery assets and benefits within our Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Assist datasheet.

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