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AI Tribes – Join Version 1 alongside fellow experts and visionaries at the frontline of AI, ML, and Data Science

February 23, 2024 , 10:00 - 17:00

Science Gallery Dublin

Effective implementation of generative AI

Version 1 is a key sponsor and fireside chat speaker at the upcoming AI tribes event in Dublin of Feb 23rd. AI tribes is a Mini-Summit centred around connection + collaboration for the AI, Data + ML communities to engage in an immersive event like never before. It presents a unique opportunity to get the latest take on all things AI, connect with industry peers, meet the people driving the AI revolution and take part in interactive and immersive experiences. 

Version 1 Fireside Chat

Version 1’s CTO, Brad Mallard, will be participating in a fireside chat at 12:15 with Joan Mulvihill, Digitalisation and Sustainability Lead at Siemens, on the topic of “AI for Good: Generative AI and Making a Difference”.

Please join us for the session or stop by our booth on the exhibition floor.