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UX: A Cornerstone of Business Strategy and Digital Transformation

April 16, 2019

In an age of digital disruption, the conversation in enterprise business has turned to Digital Transformation. Enterprise organisations face increasing pressure to change the way they do business. Today’s consumers, stakeholders and citizens prefer online, digital or mobile interaction, and companies must develop rich digital offerings to engage them. Digitising the organisation and modernising critical business applications can help make a real difference to our customers’ businesses, however there is one key area that can often be overlooked as an opportunity to drive business change; User Experience/UX.

On the 1st of May 2019, Niall Diggins, UX Specialist and IT Consultant at Version 1 hosted an introductory webinar aimed at IT-business decision-makers seeking to learn about the benefits of User Experience and a User-Centred Design methodology. At Version 1 we strongly believe in User Experience and a User-Centred Design methodology. Clearly understanding our customers’ business objectives and their users’ daily tasks and requirements enable us to provide customers with targeted UX strategies which can have a significant, positive impact for their businesses’.

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