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Enterprise Licensing – ‘Ask the Experts’ Virtual Panel

December 1, 2020

Virtual Panel

Thought-Provoking Panel Session

Do you have a burning question on Enterprise Licensing? Our Enterprise Licensing Ask the Experts Virtual Panel Session and our License Experts provide the answers during this session. 

Managing, buying, or deploying enterprise licenses within a large asset estate is complex, resource-heavy and can be fraught with many hidden financial hazards.  Business or technology change, internal projects and budget pressure can all unintentionally affect enterprise license compliance, often not uncovered until a vendor audit. It is a topic that creates many questions.

The good news is that we have the answers. While working with our enterprise customers in optimising and managing license assets over the last 12 years, we have gained an unrivalled level of licensing expertise on a broad range of topics and can answer your questions on the complexities of license procurement, deployment and management.

Our breadth of skills encompasses technical, commercial, and contractual elements covering the industry’s leading enterprise vendors and can help you identify opportunities to reduce risk and cost.

This virtual Q&A panel, hosted by Version 1’s Head of SAM Practice, Jason Pepper and supported by our Oracle and Microsoft License Consultants Paul Bullen and Karl O’Doherty, is aimed at customers who have an interest or responsibility in all things licensing and provided the opportunity to ask our independent license experts any questions within a confidential environment.  The participants not only benefited from the knowledge of our expert panel but also listened and learnt from questions asked by fellow attendees.

Learn more about Version 1’s Software Asset Management Services to save in license purchase costs, support fees and protection from the risk of license non-compliance.

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