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Webinar: Derive New Value and Exploit Modern Capabilities by Modernising Existing Applications

September 18, 2020

Do your applications meet your current requirements? Are you satisfied with the performance, stability and usability of your existing IT systems?

Join Version 1 for this exclusive session where we will be discussing how UK Public Sector organisations have used Application Modernisation strategies to enable them to meet their unique requirements while satisfying their users’ expectations for streamlined efficient digital experiences.

In this session, you will see an exclusive interview with The Legal Ombudsman which will enable you to gain an insight into the Application Modernisation approach Version 1 took with their organisation.

Richard Cooper, Operations Transformation Manager from The Legal Ombudsman, will explain how innovation such as Robotic Process Automation can be used to modernise applications and exploit modern capabilities in a way that is cost-effective and helps build a strong business case for further Application Modernisation investment.

Learn more about Version 1’s Legacy Systems and Software Modernisation to derive optimal value from your existing systems.

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