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DAPx: The Digital Acceleration Platform – Design and Build Applications at Speed

September 21, 2020

DAPx: Accelerating Digital Transformation

Most organisations have now transitioned to remote working models and are now mandated to accelerate their digital transformation. At the same time, many organisations are reducing budgets, tackling resource constraints, driving cost optimisations while ramping up speed to market to gain competitive advantage and better serve customers.

This informative webinar hosted by Brian Seery, Digital Solution Architect, Version 1, illustrates how you can instil real digital capabilities within your organisation, accelerate and enable your digital transformation while at the same time reducing costs and risks associated with digital programmes.

This webinar explores:

  • Drivers for digital transformation
  • Evolving digital technologies and their characteristics
  • Why digital transformation can fail and how to succeed
  • Digital platforms to accelerate transformation and reduce cost and risk
  • Use case examples and learnings from successful digital transformation projects

Learn more about Version 1’s Digital Acceleration Platform DAPx to accelerate your Digital Journey with Pre-Built Digital Components.

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