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Move Beyond the Status Quo – Optimise Your Oracle Cloud Support

June 22, 2023

Do you need to optimise your Oracle Cloud support and overcome the challenges faced by users of Oracle Cloud Applications?   

Find out how you can Move Beyond the Status Quo.

This 30-minute session is hosted by Raj Boparai, Portfolio Director – Oracle Cloud SaaS Managed Services at Version 1.

The topics covered include:  

  • How we help customers to recover from poor implementation with a prior service partner   
  • How to get the best out of the Oracle Application estate  
  • Our focus on business outcomes to drive best practices (e.g. Value Level Agreements) 
  • Our approach to a bespoke service model for every customer 
  • How we ensure our customers are set up for success with all required licences 

We also examine the Version 1 ASPIRE Managed Services offering. This provides a framework which is optimised to overcome common challenges faced by customers around quarterly releases and testing, feature implementation and adoption and optimisation in Oracle Cloud Applications. 

Raj is joined by Rachel Blake, ERP Lead and Senior SDM and Alex Lightstone, HCM Lead, who use key customer success stories to provide practical insights and solutions. The video concludes with questions.