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PeopleSoft Global Payroll SIG 2021

January 4, 2021

PeopleSoft Global Payroll SIG – Discussing this coming tax year and recent changes.

As we fast approach the busiest time of year for payroll users up and down the country, we look to the upcoming legislative changes for the new tax year and how they will impact the day to day payroll function.

In this ”PeopleSoft Global Payroll SIG” Webinar, the Payroll Functional Team at Version 1 covers the updates for this coming tax year as well as highlighting some upcoming and recent changes to the Global Payroll application and how they can be leveraged. We also take a look at some additional service offerings that may prove beneficial to your organisation. The session covers:

  • EOY updates for Global Payroll – Already available
  • SOY updates – Release date to be confirmed
  • Student Loan and RTI Changes – Available with PUM 37 and as an individual update
  • NI Holiday for Veterans
  • EU Settlement Status
  • Recent and upcoming application enhancements
  • Our service offerings and how we can help you

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