12 Cost Optimisation Strategies for Enterprise Licensing

Looking for ways to reduce cost within your software asset environment?

Business leaders will be exploring any number of ways to survive the 2020 recession as a result of the pandemic and setting out their plans for the future.  Unfortunately, in the world of enterprise license compliance, business change to improve efficiency can often have an adverse effect on your enterprise license position from a financial and contractual perspective.  The aim to achieve cost management, cost reduction and cost avoidance could potentially end up costing more than anticipated if not given due consideration.

Version 1’s Head of SAM Practice, Jason Pepper has written a Whitepaper outlining the common business scenarios and change projects that we are seeing in the market, and the often-unknown financial and contractual impacts they can have on enterprise licensing.  The Whitepaper sets out our view on mitigation approaches to avoid unbudgeted spend, uncover cost optimisation opportunities and regain control over your license asset estate.

Why you should read this whitepaper:

If you are about to embark on a business change project or are actively looking for ways to reduce cost within your software asset environment, read this whitepaper to learn the following;

  • The common business scenarios and change projects that can impact enterprise software asset estates from a commercial and contractual perspective
  • A high-level view on some of the mitigation approaches to consider, to experience full benefit realisation
  • The benefits of a software asset management methodology and how proactive monitoring of your software license estate can support cost optimisation strategies


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