Digital Transformation in Practice 

Before looking at the applications your business relies on, ask yourself:

  • How do your customers access your service?
  • Can the customer journey be improved?

It is key to remember that a digital journey may be fragmented. They may start a transaction, become distracted, and return later expecting to pick up where they left off.  Such fragmentation means that organisations need to transition towards more service-oriented architecture with small discreet microservices that support breaks in the fulfilment process.  The best way to demonstrate this stage of the digital transformation process is through example.

Version 1 worked with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland (DAERA) to transform its paper-based system for farmers to apply for Common Agriculture Policy funding. Within 3 years this project moved all applications online, previously just 48% were completed digitally.

While the original system was partially digitised, it didn’t integrate with the mapping software and couldn’t precisely determine field boundaries and other essential data required to make an accurate claim. This was problematic for both DAERA and farmers, who may have faced penalties for inaccurate applications and delayed payments.

Delivering Real Results 

The entirely digitised solution meant that farmers could start and complete their application at a time and location convenient to them. Geospatial technology ensured the validity of claims, identified errors early in the process and allowed issues to be resolved before final submission.

Jason Foy, Head of Payments at DAERA said, “This positive result demonstrates that farmers recognise the advantages of our online application and this will allow the Department to consolidate and further improve the service we provide to the farming industry. Importantly, we have met our legal requirement to the European Commission to have 100% land claimed online by 2018.”

Here at Version 1, we aim to improve our Customer Journey with DAPx, which enables our customers to transform their business faster.