Pathways consolidates all employee learning facilities into one tool, with staff reporting easier upskilling capabilities, wider availability of training and courses, and clearer career paths since it went live.

Version 1 was humbled to win “Excellence in Talent Development” at the Technology Ireland Industry Awards last week. The accolade acknowledged Version 1’s strategy and approach to fostering the continuous professional and personal development of its people.

Pathways, the model that won the accolade for the firm, aims to empower and support employees in developing the skills and knowledge they need to grow their careers and deliver great service to our customers. More specifically, Pathways gives Version 1 employees the ability to create roadmaps based on their desired career paths, and then supports them on those paths as they upskill and close the knowledge gaps required to progress towards their target role.

The result is a suite of technology that has redefined career development for the firm, including a dedicated website, TalentGuard implementation, peer learning environments for all internal role specialties and a new learning management system. For Amanda Bolton, Project Manager for Pathways, the potential of the tool is limitless. “Pathways brings both transparency to roles and clarity of skills required to progress in your career. Employees wishing to progress will know what skills they need to acquire, and have direction of focused learning required to develop those skills,” she commented after the awards. Indeed, the Pathway’s slogan – “with you on your journey” rings true to these sentiments; Version 1 is committed to the long-term investment of its people.

Although Pathways has only been live for a few months, the team has been working tirelessly in the background over the past year to get it live. It’s easy to forget the toil that goes into developing an award-winning tool once it becomes part of a daily routine, but for Keagan Cummings, an alumnus of Version 1’s Graduate Programme, setting up Pathways gave him an exciting opportunity to expand his knowledge. “Learning new systems, figuring out functionality, testing assumptions, and supporting the team in the set-up and roll out of the various modules was really rewarding,” he stated.

Version 1 focuses on three core learning channels: formal, peer (social) and on-the-job. The model is holistic in approach, addressing not only the necessary technical and functional domains, but also human skills required as roles evolve around changes in delivery models. “The peer learning element of Pathways allows for sharing of best practice, collaboration and knowledge and brings together the many talents within Version 1,” stated Mary O’Connell, Pathways Operations Manager. “It has been very exciting to be part of the team tasked with the delivery of the Version 1 new career model.”

Aside from benefiting Version 1’s own employees, it seems the model has had a wider impact too. “Pathways drives standardisation across the organisation,” commented Denis English, Head of Capabilities & Performance. “The platform provides the basis of all core people management activities including career pathing, planning & management, development planning & execution, certification management, both partner & non-partner, staff risk management, succession planning and Performance Management & Conversations. It has had a positive effect on the whole business.”

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