Version 1 is proud to announce that we have been named among the top 5 in the UK’s Best Workplaces ™ in Tech, 2023.

This award is Version 1’s 4th UK based Best Workplace Award in the Super Large category this year. So far, our awards include Best Workplace UK, Best Super Large Workplace™ UK and, Best Workplace™ UK for Wellbeing 2023.

Earlier this year Version 1 was named as Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year for Application Modernization for our work with National Highways in the UK on their NILO Application.


We have had an incredible year with Great Place to Work®, ranking 1st in Ireland and 5th best in the UK and #1 in India in the Best Mid-Sized workplace category two years running.  All these accomplishments reflect our inclusive culture and sense of belonging at Version 1, brought to life by everyone in our daily interactions with each other and our customers. Collectively all of our dedicated efforts have continued to build on our strong culture of trust and empowerment and one where people feel like they belong, especially as we continue to grow.

— Carol McNamara, People Director, Version 1

AI Labs and Innovation at Version 1

The Version 1 AI Labs and Innovation team was established in 2018 to drive innovation and showcase the value of AI to our customers across industries and around the globe. Our areas of focus include Generative AI, Conversational AI, Computer Vision and sustainable AI, inclusion ethics, and explainability. 
We have had the earliest exposure to technologies like Transformer models and Large Models including Language models such as GPT and have accelerators and hands-on experience with the rapidly emerging world of AI.

On a recent report ‘Consulting Market: Suppliers, Trends and Forecasts 2023 by TechMarketView UK Version 1 was named a key disruptor and innovator in the field. TechMarketView also reported that Version 1’s revenue increased by 36% yoy to £17.3m, supported in part by the increased focus on AI and innovation 

Version 1 Employee Award Stats

Version 1 is proud to report that we achieved an overall Trust Index score of 88%, compared to the 54% average rating by a UK-based company. 

  • 95% of employees agree that they can take time off from work when they think it is necessary.
  • 96% of employees agree that they are treated fairly, regardless of their gender.
  • 99% of employees agree that Version 1 is a safe place to work.

Explore our AI Case studies here.

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