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Version 1

Find out who we are and what truly makes Version 1 a great place to work.

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A great place to work, not an 'easy' place to work.

That probably seems like an oxymoron, right? We are proud to have been recognised as a Great Place to Work year after year, however, we believe that our reputation as a Best Workplace can sometimes give people the wrong impression of us; that a great workplace is one that is ‘easy’.



This culture guide was put together to give you a clear understanding of who we are and what truly makes Version 1 a great place to work.
Discover our DNA
“I have never seen nor experienced an organisation like Version 1 that demonstrates the same levels of ​desire and ambition. The company has grown rapidly in recent years but has not let that deviate the organisation from its course due to the core values that anchor Version 1 in a sure and steady direction.”
- Version 1 Employee Testimonial

A Culture of Trust and Empowerment

We are a straight talking, open and transparent workplace where fairness is a given. We have open door management, and balanced policies and procedures where you are encouraged to ask questions. Constructive feedback is encouraged and welcomed at all levels. You can feel free to make decisions which help your customers, make us more efficient or which removes unnecessary bureaucracy.

There is a ‘one-status’ culture here with no favouritism. Efforts, behaviours, and actions in pursuance of Mission and Values are celebrated, promoted and rewarded.  We value differences, use wide sourcing methods and we are bias aware. With a skills-based career model, there are no restrictions to progression – it’s up to you.

Does your DNA match ours?

If you invest in us, we’ll ensure that we invest in you; if you are someone who wants a great place to work , not an ‘easy’ place to work, we might just be your perfect fit.
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