The DNA of Version 1

A great place to work, not an 'easy' place to work.

That probably seems like an oxymoron, right? We are proud to have been recognised as a Great Place to Work year after year, however we believe that our reputation as a Best Workplace can sometimes give people the wrong impression of us; that a great workplace is one that is ‘easy’.

That’s why, upon seeing this review on our Glassdoor, we felt that the statement reflected the real culture of Version 1 and we would like the opportunity to tell you why… It’s in our DNA. The outline of our DNA below gives you a clear understanding of who we are and what truly makes Version 1 a great place to work.

What makes it great and not easy is to do with our culture.

A Mission With Meaning

Our Mission is to Prove that IT can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses. Version 1 aims to achieve real results and deliver value. We believe that nothing worthwhile is achieved without effort. A driven environment isn’t for everyone, but we aim high with our organisation’s vision for success and our mission with meaning.

A Vision for Success

Our Vision is to be a World Leader in Customer Success. Our commitment to deliver the highest quality and support to our customers with a relentless focus on business benefits ensures that our people are empowered to put their customer first and make entrepreneurial decisions to make a real impact.

The Shape of Success

  • Customer Success

    Making a real difference through long-term, outcome-focused relationships – success that fulfils our people and fuels our growth.

  • Empowered People

    Deliberately selecting, empowering and trusting people who are wired to deliver customer success - an empowerment that drives customer loyalty and organisational strength.

  • Strong Organisation

    A high-performing, financially strong organisation of the highest integrity – a strength that empowers our people and delivers customer success.

Core values

Core Values to Inspire

We hire people who share our values, and we reward those who display and foster them. Time and time again, when our employees and our customers are asked about what makes Version 1 so different to them, we hear about the Core Values in action; this is not accidental. It is through years of unwavering commitment to our Core Values – we do not compromise when it comes to the inherent values of our people, and our Core Values start in our people’s inherent personalities: they are in their DNA.

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Trust and Empowerment

We are a straight talking, open and transparent workplace where fairness is a given. We have open-door management, and balanced policies and procedures where you are encouraged to ask questions. Constructive feedback is encouraged and welcomed at all levels. You can feel free to make decisions which help your customers, make us more efficient or removes unnecessary bureaucracy. There is a ‘one-status’ culture here with no favouritism. Efforts, behaviours and actions in pursuance of our Mission and Values are celebrated, promoted and rewarded.

Does your DNA match ours?

If you invest in us, we’ll ensure that we invest in you; if you are someone who wants a great place to work, not an ‘easy’ place to work, we might just be your perfect fit.
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