A2B Combines NetSuite ERP Data to Achieve Seamless Planning and Reporting

A2B Australia combined financial data from the ERP system with various operational data from non-ERP systems to derive financial and operational metrics for seamless Planning and Reporting.

A2B Australia Limited, a locally-owned publicly listed company, derives its revenue from the provision of taxi-related services.  

The company employs over 790 people, operates throughout Australia, and is administered by its head office in Alexandria, New South Wales. 

Operating since 1976, over the past 40+ years A2B has grown to become the market leader in the personal transport sector, but it’s also emerging as a leading innovator in the fields of payment solutions and communication platforms. 

Client Profile
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"Version 1 provided a professional service quote, with a clear and structural scope of works and detailed project stages. Under a fixed price quote, Version 1 shows professional attitudes and flexibility during the projects. They ensure there is sufficient communication with us to understand what we want. They always promptly and patiently answer our questions and help us solve real problems."
- Cathy Fu, Financial Analyst at A2B
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  • Replacement of complex spreadsheet solution which could not be supported or changed efficiently due to the complex nature of the operational data.
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Real Differences, Delivered

  • A2B Taxis’s forecasting is driven by a number of inputting non-financial measures with various business calculations. Despite the complexity and dependencies of calculations, achieved the automated forecasting for Income Statement and Balance Sheet. 
  • Automated data integration with source NetSuite ERP system to pull data into NSPB for Actuals reporting. 
  • Enabled dynamic, real-time reporting with Excel Smart View functionality. 
  • Streamlined close processes with check-list based user task assignments. 
  • Created standardized data submission/reporting templates via SmartView and saved them as Data Forms for future proof.
"Version 1 provided excellent services and has extensive experience and required competencies for an efficient and effective implementation to help us to solve real problems and to achieve what we actual needs. They understand and respect what customers expect. They don’t push their ideas to customers but suggest and discuss the best practice to achieve the best outcomes for customers."
- Cathy Fu, Financial Analyst at A2B
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About Version 1

Version 1 proves that IT can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses. We are trusted by global brands to deliver IT services and solutions which drive customer success. Our team of difference-makers work tirelessly to provide independent advice and deliver impactful changes to help our customers navigate the rapidly changing Digital-First world we live in. Our greatest strength is balance in our efforts to achieve Customer Success, Empowered People and a Strong Organisation, underpinned by a commitment to our values. We believe this is what makes Version 1 different and more importantly, our customers agree.

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