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FX trading is by far the largest financial market, with approximately $6 trillion traded daily. It is a growing market with London being the largest centre by geographic location.

To take advantage of this growth, a London-based company involved in FX post-trade reconciliation, credit management, and monitoring, engaged Version 1, its trusted technology partner, to build a custom platform from the ground up.

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Key Challenges

Customer Challenge

The customer identified an opportunity to significantly reduce costs in the FX post-trade space by offering market participants the ability to conduct post-trade reconciliation, credit management, and monitoring on a shared platform. This would eliminate the need and associated cost for market participants to maintain their own equivalent in-house solutions.


Building a Bespoke Solution

Version 1 assembled an agile development team within its Capital Markets division to build this bespoke solution. The team worked closely with the customer to understand their unique business and technology requirements, and to collaborate on key architectural and design decisions to ensure the platform meets their exact needs. The platform has also been designed to scale for future growth.

The platform uses the latest micro-service and continuous delivery approaches and is designed with high availability and redundancy from inception.

Regular contact with the customer is a key feature of this project, ranging from daily stand-up calls to weekly planning and review meetings, and fortnightly demos of new features. This communication is greatly enhanced with Version 1’s move to its new state-of-the-art technology centre in Belfast.

Real Differences...


As a result of this engagement, the following benefits were delivered:

  • Customer has a new micro-services-based platform to deliver their unique offering to clients in the FX trading space
  • The platform can be scaled for future growth in FX trading flows, and enhanced to offer new value-add services
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