Diversey moves to Oracle EPM Cloud

Diversey moves to Oracle EPM Cloud streamlining its applications and benefits from the new features available.

Diversey is an American provider of cleaning and hygiene products in the hospitality, healthcare, food and beverage, food service, retail, and facility management sectors. It is also involved with chemicals, floor care machines, tools, and equipment, technology-based value-added services, food safety services, and water and energy management. Over the course of 95 years, the Diversey brand has become synonymous with product quality, service, and innovation.

Their fully-integrated suite of solutions combines patented chemicals, dosing and dispensing equipment, cleaning machines, services, and digital analysis. They are a trusted partner; serving more than 85,000 customers in over 80 countries with a network of approximately 8,500 employees globally.

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“We have now successfully implemented FCCS, and are leveraging our Oracle licenses even more. We have now implemented Planning, Workforce Planning and FCCS. Next on the horizon is Freeform planning where we will migrate our Essbase cubes too. Version 1 has helped us to implement yet another module of our Oracle Enterprise EPM software successfully.”
- David Dickerson, Chief Financial Officer at Diversey
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  • The Company went public and needed to ensure they were on supported software, but also Diversey’s internal and external reporting needs had to be catered for.
  • Management Reporting and Narrative Reporting were used to provide press-button suites of reports such as Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. The end objective was to be able to provide full Management Book Reporting from this platform.
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Diversey has had a strategy to move its applications to the cloud since spinning off from Sealed Air in September 2017, and Version 1 provided a road map to facilitate this objective. Following the roadmap, the following implementations were made:

  • Hyperion Planning was moved to Oracle EPM Enterprise
  • Essbase on-prem was moved to Essbase 19c Cloud and later upgraded to the latest Essbase 21c Cloud
  • Oracle EPM Enterprise FCCS (Financial Consolidation and Close) Cloud 
  • Oracle Cloud EPM Narrative Reporting
  • Version 1 Cloudbridge – a central hub for data integration and master data management
  • Integration with SAP and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP

The latest effort has been to migrate from Oracle HFM (Hyperion Financial Management) to Oracle EPM Enterprise FCCS (Financial Consolidation and Close) Cloud Service. The objective was not only to move to the Cloud platform but also to:

  • Streamline the application
  • Remove redundant legacy Sealed Air dimensionality and functionality
  • Benefit from the new features available in FCCS

Version 1 ran highly effective agile workshops to determine and ratify design, which proved to be a very good methodology for this migration. Running multiple parallels to give both the controllers and the auditors’ confidence in the new system’s functionality and accuracy also worked well and gave consumers of the financial data time to adapt to the new dimensionality.

Additionally, we were able to leverage software already owned by Diversey, which allowed for 8 servers to be decommissioned.

“Version 1 assisted us with the implementation of FCCS, and after two parallels we successfully went live. Close is now being completed smoothly and efficiently. Version 1 have continued to support us as the product is enhanced to provide fit for purpose reporting. The Management and Narrative reporting gives us something we never had before.”
- Vita Macintyre, Assistant Corporate Controller & Controller at Diversey
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Real Differences, Delivered

  • The ability to quickly restore a Production environment (under 2 hours as opposed to nearly 3 days). 
  • Integrated Reporting and improved integration with the other Oracle Cloud applications. 
  • The Close process is significantly quicker and more efficient. 
  • The Controllers can now manage the relevant aspects of Close themselves with less intervention from the CFS team. 
  • Disaster Recovery is robust and can be managed entirely by the Corporate Finance Systems team without any involvement from the IT department. 
  • Very little skills transfer was required for the adoption of the new system. 

Why did the customer choose Version 1?

“Version 1 has been working with Diversey since they spun off from Sealed Air and have become trusted advisers. This project was one that allowed Diversey to attain the final step in their move to leverage their investment in Oracle Enterprise EPM. This was done according to their roadmap (jointly created with them by Version 1), effectively moving all of their on premises systems to the cloud, and creating automated integrations and maintenance using Cloudbridge.”
- Roger Cressey, Version 1
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