Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Drive your business performance by removing manual finance processes to focus on understanding your data, and make smarter, timely business decisions.

No More Spreadsheets.
Move away from error-prone and time-consuming manual work such as data manipulation and reconciliations and enable your teams to spend more time on value-creating tasks such as analysis and business partnering.
Predict the future. 
Respond to disruptions in real-time by connecting your goals, strategies, plans, and execution. Intelligent EPM will enable you to predict future outcomes so you can quickly react to maximize performance.

AI-Enhanced Automation
Streamline your processes using AI, reducing the need for manual interventions. Benefit from automated data analysis, scenario modeling, and reporting, ensuring efficient and precise outcomes while freeing up time for strategic endeavors.

Oracle EPM Cloud

The Oracle Enterprise Performance Management cloud facilitates the modelling, analysis, and management of your critical operational and financial processes and data. The result is greater visibility into understanding what is driving or impacting performance. The Oracle EPM cloud will increase efficiency, and optimize your business processes in several areas:

  • Streamline the financial close
  • Efficiently manage and improve account reconciliation
  • Align planning across finance and lines of business to develop connected plans and forecasts
  • Understand costs and profitability to drive cost savings and increase margins
  • Align tax reporting with corporate financial reporting
  • Automate critical internal and external reporting requirements
  • Take control of financial data as a single source of the truth with master data governance
  • Leverage embedded AI and machine learning to automate critical processes and predict future outcomes

Oracle EPM reaches outside the boundaries of the finance department, enabling planning based on facts and informed decision-making in all areas of your business – from sales and marketing to IT, HR, operations, and more.

Enterprise Performance Management goes beyond disconnected spreadsheets and manual processes, bringing together data from diverse sources across your enterprise and allowing you to analyze and predict alternative scenarios on the fly.

When paired with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Oracle EPM Cloud helps you manage planned and unplanned changes in your business environment.

How do you know it’s time for a modern EPM solution?

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