June 13, 2022 - Downloadable Content, Whitepaper

Utilities Whitepaper: How Will the Digital Shift Influence Utilities and Customer Journeys?

How are customer journeys currently being effected?

In this second whitepaper of our series – Is the utility industry at the centre of a digital shift? – we delve deeper into digital transformation within the Utility Sector. Digital transformation is now a widely used term, and in many ways is losing its core meaning. At the heart of the business is the value that is derived from its output to both customers and employees. And, in our view, it is this area that gets lost in many digital transformation projects.

So how do you save it?

Here we outline the success of a digital transformation programme and its correlation with a deep understanding of utilities and customer journeys. We will share our approach we have developed and successfully used with several of our customers in a variety of industry sectors. This is Version 1’s own method which we call Solution Canvas.

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