Firstly, you may be wondering; “What’s an ESG strategy?”

ESG stands for Environmental, Social & Governance. And it is an organisation’s responsibility for managing the impact it has on society.​ ​And it is something that Version 1 has kept front of mind for many years. Always ensuring that we foster inclusivity, acknowledge the importance of wellbeing, prioritise learning and demonstrate an understanding of our commitments to society.

Now, if you’re wondering how DIBs fits into our ESG strategy, we will hand over to our DIBs Manager, Chloe GIllard, to explain below on what DIBs means and what Version 1’s focus will be over the next few years.

Dedicated to Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIBs) is a key part of the culture within Version 1, and has been for a number of years. When first launched our DIBs Team were a group of colleagues across the organisation who were passionate about the need for Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. They pioneered some great initiatives including our #SWAN initiative, International Women’s Day events, and Ramadan Charity Fast. However, as we grew, and the need for Diversity became more important in our ever expanding teams, Version 1 took the next step to ensuring that DIBs was well and truly embedded and centric to everything we do. In Feb 2022, I came on board as Version 1’s first Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Manager. And so; now begins a new era of what we want to achieve

Policies with meaning

DIBs at Version 1 means more to us than just writing a policy. It means more than sponsoring diversity events, and it means more than hiring diversity for the sake hiring.

DIBs at Version 1, means that we adjust the way we do things to ensure we have greater understanding of those who are different to us. It means we challenge each other to do better. It means that we appreciate and learn from each other and that the many unique lived and cultural experiences that our colleagues bring to our organisation is recognised and celebrated.

The future of DIBs at Version 1 is focused on ensuring that we implement systemic change. We will not settle until we disrupt the historic inequality that our sector has seen. And we will aim to change the narrative when it comes to ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to be a part of our organisation. Ensuring that those voices are heard and listened to.

I am delighted to work with a great group of colleagues who are passionate about changing the landscape for our sector; we will be setting big goals that we aim to achieve. I encourage you to follow our journey, and if you want to be a part of it, then come and join us