Version 1 is delighted to be shortlisted as one of the Top 5 Large Enterprises on Jobbio’s #WorkHappy100 list. #WorkHappy100 celebrates Ireland’s Happiest Workplaces and showcases companies that have gone above and beyond for their employees.

It is a particularly proud milestone as Version 1 was nominated by our own employees, validating our continued commitment to establishing a great place to work for all of our people. Throughout our journey, we have grown rapidly to 1300 employees across three countries which has meant our company culture and values have had to scale alongside us. However, we have always made a huge effort to focus on maintaining our core values and building a culture of trust and empowerment for our people. For this reason, we are delighted to see the results of many of our peoples’ efforts reflected through the #WorkHappy100 nomination, and we would like to share the key areas where our people have worked tirelessly to make Version 1 a happy workplace.

  1. Living the Core Values

When it comes to hiring new talent, we understand that we operate in a competitive market space. As a result of demand outweighing supply for skilled professionals in several industries, businesses have become increasingly competitive with their salaries, benefits packages and bonuses. Aside from monetary incentives, however, what makes an employee truly happy? At Version 1, we believe that the backbone of our happy workforce is our company culture of trust and empowerment, which is driven by a steadfast commitment to the same values we have had from the beginning. We believe in continuously improving our culture to make a real difference to the careers and work environment of our people, and our ultimate goal is to deliver a great workplace where our core values are truly visible throughout everything we do.

If a career with Version 1 is something that you have considered, our people always have one tip for professionals; to be yourself. From the recruitment stage right through to a long career with us, Version 1 deliberately selects, empowers and trusts people who demonstrate our six core values: Honesty & Integrity, Personal Commitment, No Ego, Customer First, Excellence and Drive. Thinking “outside the box” to help our customers is celebrated, promoted and rewarded. If these values genuinely reflect your values, be yourself throughout the process and your values will do the rest of the work.

  1. Trust, Empowerment and Transparency

With over 20 years’ experience, we know that our employees are our biggest asset. Version 1 is an organisation built on the incredible strength of its people and talent, and we understand that a key component of employee satisfaction is trust.

This is why the Version 1 management team operates an open-door policy, meaning that our workers are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback. Jarlath Dooley, HR & Integration Director at Version 1, is a strong advocate of these honest policies, and consistently champions a transparent, open approach to business, stating: “Trust remains one of the few things which cannot be mimicked, faked or purchased; it is built slowly, over years, and it requires true commitment to integrity, respect and authenticity.” This transparent approach removes unnecessary bureaucracy at Version 1 and if you are seeking a fair workplace in which recognition is based on merits and your career model based is on skills, then we could be a fit for you.

  1. Continued Commitment

When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, we understand that a continued commitment to our employees’ development and happiness is paramount. This involves providing our employees with the tools and experiences they need to be successful both professionally and personally on an ongoing basis. With Ireland currently ranking amongst the worst countries in Europe in terms of citizens suffering with mental health issues, businesses are increasingly prioritising a consistent work/life balance and workplace mental health initiatives for their staff. Version 1 is no different; our CEO Tom O’Connor championed our first ‘It’s OK Not To Be OK’ campaign for employees this past Christmas, to encourage us to support each other at a time of year that can be particularly tough, and also for those of us who might be struggling to ask for support and lean on Version 1 wherever we can might be able help each other.

According to a report by Glassdoor, Gen Z jobseekers want their future employers to put Diversity and Inclusion efforts at the fore of their growth plans. A diverse and inclusive workforce enhances employee happiness, fosters creativity and ensures that businesses leverage the full potential of their people. The Version 1 Diversity and Inclusion Initiative and its committed workforce are constantly educating us and pushing for real conversations to move the dial on diversity and to underpin our efforts to be inclusive. According to Jarlath Dooley, this can be achieved through even the simplest of changes. Speaking to the Sunday Business Post, Jarlath affirmed that: ”It simply isn’t enough to recognise that there are issues in how companies think, communicate and engage; it must then implement initiatives to change behaviours and culture.” This means inclusivity across race, gender, age, religion and identity in order to make Version 1 a better, happier workplace for our people. Highlights of what our Diversity and Inclusion workforce has achieved so far include:

  • Being certified as one of the first companies to receive a Great Place to Work for Women in Ireland award (2019).
  • Receiving official recognition for the second consecutive year as the #4 Best Large Workplace in Ireland (2019).
  • Building Unconscious Bias training into our mandatory onboarding training for any new joiners.

Does Your DNA Match Ours?

Whilst Version 1 is a great and happy place to work, it’s not an easy place to work. Version 1 is rewarding with plenty of room for growth, but it is also challenging and will test your skills to ensure you get the most from your role and you always feel that your career is progressing with us. If this sounds like a fit for you, your DNA could match ours. Looking to join our happy team? Check out our career opportunities here or follow us on social media to stay updated with all of the happy happenings #InsideVersion1.