What is the Shadow Board?

At Version 1, we aim to ensure that everyone has a voice in the company. Traditionally younger people with less experience have rarely been offered an opportunity to share their thoughts, suggestions, and feedback to their more senior peers.

Version 1 wanted to change this. We created the Shadow Board to encourage younger members of the organisation to share their ideas, feedback, insights, and demonstrate impact, working alongside the senior leadership team.

During their 12-month-long tenure, the Shadow Board is able to learn from and be mentored by the senior leadership team, providing great networking and career growth opportunities.


Who is on the Shadow Board?

Our Shadow Board is a forum made up of a diverse group of younger members of the Version 1 team, a generation who make up a large portion not only of our own company, but of our customers’ companies and our customers’ customers.

The Shadow Board consists of a group of 16 people brought together as a forum for 12 months from a cross-section of the Version 1 business, and all are under the age of 30. The shadow board is sponsored by the CEO and its primary directive is to provide insight, feedback and ideas to senior decision-makers in the business, representing their generation’s perspective, as well as to hear about the company strategy and decisions so they can share with their peers and network. The Shadow Board members have been working closely with the senior executive team which consists of our CEO Tom O’Connor, CFO Andrew Langford, Director of Strategy, Planning and Communications, and Louise Lahiff.