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Thank you for your interest in the programme - applications are now closed but you can now register for our 2020 programme.

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An organisation is only as strong as its people. That’s why Version 1 seeks out the best and brightest IT graduates each year. Our Accelerate Graduate programme helps to further develop your skills whilst building upon your strengths and experience to make an impact in the rapidly-changing world of IT. Our IT graduate programme requires different skillsets and expertise. Some of the strengths you may have developed through study, others perhaps through work experience, and some you’ll have naturally. To get the best from you, you need the best opportunities.

Each as unique as the next, diversity is what our Associates have in common. Most of them don’t come from ‘traditional’ IT backgrounds, but they do all have similar characteristics that make them a perfect cultural ‘fit’ for Version 1. What makes our Accelerate programme unique is You! Our screening process helps identify a role that you are most likely to Accelerate in at Version 1. We provide the exposure, training and support you need to get the most out of your career with Version 1. If you invest in us, we’ll ensure that we invest in you. If you are driven, committed and up for a challenge, our Accelerate programme might just be your perfect fit.

Applications for our  2019 are closed, you can register your interest for our 2020 roles now. 


Our Accelerate Programme

Get Aligned to a Programme That Best Fits You

Our screening process offers a suite of assessments that identify key individual personality styles, traits & behaviours which will help identify a role that you are most likely to accelerate in at Version 1. Once we have found the right role for you, these assessments will also be used as a development tool as they will offer further insight into key aspects of your performance such as motivations, communications styles, strengths and limitations. The Accelerate Programme framework will enable you to maximise your potential in your role, and subsequently progress your career path development in Version 1.

Enterprise Applications
Transform how businesses operate, help them to run more efficiently and enable better business decisions with a career in Enterprise Applications. Accelerate in our 2020 IT Graduate programme.
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Digital Services
Develop Global Systems with Diverse Digital Technologies. Accelerate in our 2020 IT Graduate Programme.
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Enterprise Cloud
Work with leading Cloud Experts in a dynamic and passionate environment to generate innovative solutions for global customers. Accelerate in our 2020 IT Graduate Programme.
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"A culture built on trust and empowerment with a passion for growth!"

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What Can Our Accelerate Programme Offer You?

As an Associate Consultant not only will you enjoy great pay and a host of benefits, but you'll also have the opportunity to learn from some of the most passionate and driven people within the IT industry. These Benefits Include:

Fantastic salary and generous paid time-off packages
Education and Certification Assistance
Quarterly Profit Share
Pension Scheme with Employer Contributions
Role Specific Training & Accelerate Programme Manager
Health and Life Insurance

Associates Who Have Accelerated!

Meet Nikki

Nikki joined Version 1 in our last intake of Associates. Now working in Cloud, she discusses her experiences, challenges faced, and how her time at Version 1 has helped her develop both personally and from a career perspective.
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A Great Place to Work, Not an Easy Place to Work

At Version 1, we truly want to build something special. The very essence of Version 1 is all about achieving real results, delivering value in every interaction and we believe that nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without effort. We aim high with our organisation’s Vision for Success and our Mission with Meaning. Achieving success consistently as individuals and as an organisation is not easy and requires a specific set of behaviours to deliver this success consistently: these behaviours are found in our Core Values. Discover our Core Values, our Vision, our Mission and our culture of Trust and Empowerment in The DNA of Version 1. If your DNA matches ours, we could be your perfect fit to reach your true potential.


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