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Once you start working with us, you are assigned to a capability respective to your skill set, in which the capabilities managers will monitor your training and development and help you identify how you can up skill for future roles and career advancement. Version 1 encourages and supports employees to do certifications by giving study leave, paying for relevant certifications, and financial rewards.

Meet our Associates

Associate Business Intelligence Analyst

Meet Radhika. Her dream was to become a Business Intelligence Analyst and she made no secret of this. Version 1 listened and now she’s working away helping to deliver real projects that will make a real difference. Radhika is also sitting for 3 certification exams, so things are really busy! But she discovered she can take her time, stay calm, work away and progress as fast as she wants to. She finds her colleagues fascinating and admires Version 1 for truly living up to it's core values.

Her view of Version 1? "Love!"

Associate Cloud Consultant

Meet Shane. He spent some time above the clouds travelling the world before coming back home to Ireland. He's a creative guy - a talented photographer - and prior to joining our Cloud Services Team, Shane studied landscape design architecture. Now he has found his true calling - designing information instead of physical space! He has the knack of converting information into knowledge and then presenting it . We are delighted to have creative thinkers like Shane on board.

His view of Version 1? " Exciting!"

Associate .NET Consultant

Meet Sue. She isn’t afraid of trying new things. She's obviously a "can do” kinda woman! Sue started out in physics, switched to Classical music but the diversity of work in IT Consultancy caught her eye! So she swapped her musical keyboard for a computer keyboard and now works with Version 1 teams across the UK & Ireland. That said, she still has the voice of an angel and is a key member of the Version 1 Choir. Sue learns something new every day and is very much in tune with latest tech certifications!

Her view of Version 1? "Encouraging."

Associate PHP Consultant

Meet David. He was inspired to become an IT Consultant by his one of his favourite TV shows! Now he is one of the rising stars of our Digital Tech Team! David is constantly seeking out new technologies that are used to solve problems for some of our coolest clients. The variety of our 300+ clients and the diversity of the tech and people at Version 1 get him excited! And we’re excited to have people like David on our team.

His view of Version 1? "Confident!"