Client Profile

Customer Name: Private Case Study

Sector: Financial Services

Robust security and compliance are essential parts of any finance company’s IT infrastructure plan. A leading firm that provides independent fund administration and fiduciary services to hedge funds, private equity and real estate funds, insurance-linked securities funds, family offices, and institutional investors recognised the need to continuously monitor its Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to safeguard data and ensure regulatory compliance. But the firm wanted a solution that went beyond merely reacting to threats as they arose—it wanted a system that could proactively identify vulnerabilities, recommend specific actions, and seamlessly integrate with its existing service management platform.

The main challenge was balancing the complexity of compliance with the need for a streamlined, user-friendly solution that could deliver real-time insights. The firm needed a tool that would align with industry standards like the Center for Internet Security (CIS) AWS benchmarks and empower its team to take swift, informed action to address potential risks.

We implemented Kumoco Cloud Manager in under two weeks. This innovative solution—tailored to the firm’s specific needs by our internal Engage Team—harnessed the CIS AWS benchmarks to scan the firm’s AWS environment continuously. Seamlessly integrating with Version 1’s ServiceNow platform, Cloud Manager provided a centralised view of their compliance status and generated clear recommendations.

The results were rapid. The firm gained an immediate understanding of its compliance profile, allowing it to address vulnerabilities and maintain security standards. Cloud Manager’s intuitive dashboards enabled the firm to visualise its current position easily. That meant prioritising the most critical issues and tracking progress towards remediation was simplified.

The integration with ServiceNow enhanced efficiency, providing a single pane for managing cloud services and compliance monitoring. Cloud Manager’s platform-agnostic design also ensured the firm could seamlessly extend its compliance monitoring to other cloud platforms as needed. 


  • Implemented Kumoco Cloud Manager to meet the firm’s compliance monitoring requirements 
  • Integrated Cloud Manager with Version 1’s ServiceNow “Engage” platform for streamlined management 
  • Leveraged the CIS AWS benchmarks to scan and evaluate the firm’s AWS environment continuously 
  • Generated precise, actionable audit results and remediation recommendations. 
  • Delivered the solution in under 14 days 
  • Provided a cloud-agnostic solution that could support the firm’s potential expansion to other cloud providers

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