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Approval Express

JD Edwards approvals anytime, anywhere in the world.

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JD Edwards approvals on the go.

Approval Express allows senior management and approvers to respond to approval requests on the move from anywhere in the world using any device that supports an email client, thus significantly speeding up your organisation’s entire approval processes. Mobile Approvals for JD Edwards provides business process improvements and greater control as well as bottom line cost savings from the day that you begin using it.

Approval Express is an add-on utility that has been designed to speed up and enhance standard JD Edwards approval processes. Approval Express works with all standard email protocols to facilitate approvals seamlessly i.e. without the need to sign in to JD Edwards.

Why Approval Express?

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Streamlines existing approval processes.

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Manages your business more efficiently.



Provides compliance to all audit requirements.

Hassle-Free Installation


Simple Installation

Approval Express is simple to install – it arrives as an application software update (ASU).

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Minimal Configuration

Minimal initial configuration required in JD Edwards.


Devices Ready To Go

No software installation or configuration required on your laptop, phone or tablet.

Benefits and Features of Approval Express:

  • Approval Express supports multiple languages.

  • Approval Express supports multiple email addresses for a user.

  • Email attachments can be added to the approval email, aiding the ‘approve or reject’ decision-making process.

  • Approval Express supports group approvals, should you wish just one person within a group at the same approval level, to handle the transaction.

  • Approval Express ensures that the email received is authenticated against the sender. A full audit trail is provided.

  • You can use it in disconnected mode, being assured that it will keep JD Edwards fully synchronised once in range of a wireless network or mobile signal.

  • You can password protect approvals.

  • There is no need to sign in to JD Edwards.

JD Edwards Approvals Anytime, Anywhere in the World.

Accessible and Timely

Approvers can enjoy improved visibility by viewing transactions on their remote device anytime, anywhere, thus enabling them to take more timely approval decisions.

No User Training

Approval Express in extremely simple for users to learn and use, giving your users the ability to handle transaction approvals from mobile devices without the need to launch into JD Edwards.

Mobile Ready

Approval Express can be used with any desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone that has an email account and either an internet or mobile connection.

Email Compatibility

Supports both extended MAPI for integration with MAPI compliant email systems such as Outlook, and also with VIM compliant email systems such as Lotus notes.

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