There was unprecedented levels of voting in our €5,000 grant category in Q1 2015. As a result, we offered Solas & DEBRA Ireland a €3,500 grant each. We had never seen such a response to the Community Trust and are in awe of both sides campaigning strategy. Both Solas & DEBRA Ireland were happy to accept the compromise given that over 20,000 votes were cast between the two.

DEBRA Ireland provides support services to patients and families living with the debilitating skin condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB). The grant paid for a home nurse to go to one of their clients for a month. This provides a huge help for the household with all dressing changes and care being covered by the home nurse.To learn more about DEBRA Ireland, please visit their Website.

Solas Autism Unit is a school for children with Autism. However, in the school, there are no Occupational Therapists or Speech and Language Therapists. The grant will fund full assessments of 3 of the boys in the school with Speech and Language Therapists and 6 of the boys in the school to be assessed by Occupational Therapists. The remainder of the grant funded a 3 month intensive programme in both speech & language and occupational therapy.

The Version 1 Community Trust is an initiative which supports the transformation of the local and global communities in which we live and work. Grants are given out to 10 or more worthy causes four times a year ranging in value of €5,000-€500.

Each quarter, Version 1 employees submit video entries detailing the community causes which matter to them. We then open the entries to a public vote which determines which causes receive the grants available. The voting takes place on our Facebook page and are open to the public in the last month of the quarter.