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UKGovCamp 2021

January 21, 2021 - January 23, 2021


Proud Platinum Sponsors of UKGovCamp 2021

Version 1 was a proud sponsor of UKGovCamp 20201 which is a relentlessly positive, constructive and creative virtual event. UKGovcamp is a free, annual ‘unconference’ for people interested in how the public sector undertakes digital tasks. The theme for this year’s event was Public Sector Digital, Data, Culture, Technology and Operations. 

Over the years UKGovCamp has covered topics from Social Media, Internal Comms, Digital Campaigns Open Data, Democracy, Agile, Failure, Collaboration, Open Source, GDS, Policy Making, Taming Dragons, Innovation, Hacking, Transparency, Accessibility, Trust, APIs and Legislation. This event has always been a huge success for the following reasons:

  • The people
  • The sense of community and comradery
  • Bringing new people into the community
  • The inclusivity of the event
  • Meeting your Twitter heroes

The agenda was set on the day by the attendees, which gave the audience flexibility to join the sessions that best suited them.

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Our Session – Cyber SUX!

At UKGovCamp 20201, Version 1 hosted an open and lively discussion on Cyber Security and how important it is to include this in User Experience design. This insightful session brought the audience through how infinite security processes clogging up efficiency to SUX horror stories.

Whether we like it or not, Cyber Security plays a huge part in the User Experience of our products and services. With cyber-attacks becoming far more prevalent and our world becoming far more digital (and remote) there is an increasing need to secure our personal and work-related information.

With Cyber Security and UX being two separate, and often disconnected disciplines – are we unknowingly creating highly frustrating User Experiences by tacking on Cyber Security layers of two-factor authentication, multi-channel verification and microcopy to bolster design without considering the negative effects on users or the potential threats of multi-channel processes?

Should we be making our processes more inclusive to create better SUX (Security User Experience)?