Version 1 has ranked as a Best Workplace in Tech in Ireland 2021.

Version 1 is delighted to have been listed as one of the first organisations to be recognised as a Best Workplace in Tech in Ireland 2021. Ireland’s Best Workplaces in Tech is a new mode of recognition compiled by Great Place to Work Ireland to recognise the innovative, flexible, and forward-thinking practices and cultures developed by organisations within Ireland’s dynamic Tech industry. Here at Version 1, we have had an exciting year so far and we are delighted to be acknowledged as a thriving tech company in 2021.

What Makes us a Best Workplace in Tech?

• CSR – Community First is Version 1’s main corporate Social Responsibility Initiative and is driven locally by our employees. The overall objective of Community First activities is to improve employment opportunities in our communities by supporting awareness, education, skills and access by leveraging technology and our skills.

• Health and Wellness – At Version 1, Health & Wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do – from physical health, mental wellbeing, financial management, social connections and creating a sense of purpose, it is built into our everyday language and our culture.

• Shadow Board – The Shadow Board consists of a group of 13 people, brought together as a forum for 12 months, from a cross-section of the Version 1 business, and all are under the age of 30. The shadow board is sponsored by the CEO and its primary directive is to provide insight, feedback and ideas to senior decision-makers in the business, representing their generation’s perspective, as well as to hear about the company strategy and decisions so they can share with their peers and network.

• WellTech – WellTech is composed of four key concepts, combining wellbeing and technology, with the aim to;
• Give our people the freedom to move from their workspace while working.
• Encourage more movement throughout the day.
• Provide employees with enhanced ergonomics – improving the comfort and design of their workspaces for long-term health.
• Provide our people with the digital tools and equipment to promote physical health and mental wellbeing.