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Fostering an inclusive environment for all

Empowering Equality is a Key Focus at Version 1

We seek the best person for every role – this means the person whose skills best match the job and who can best further our Mission and live our Core Values, regardless of their age, race, religion, identity or gender. Since launching our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Programme, one of Version 1’s key focuses has been to increase the number of women working here. As anyone working to advance gender-balance and diversity in their organisation would know, it’s notoriously slow to implement major changes in achieving balance. However, we are delighted that we have seen a marked increase since we began our journey. So far, our efforts have resulted in:

  • 93% of our staff agree that people at Version 1 are treated fairly regardless of their gender, age, race or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or disability.
  • 88% of Version 1 staff agree with the statement “I am treated as a full member here regardless of my position”.
  • 67% of senior management promotions went to women over the last year.
  • Over 35% of our internal rotations were female employees in the last 12 months, opening up new opportunities for women across the business.
  • Our Shadow Board aimed to be a bridge to inclusivity with 46% of its members being female in 2020.

While we are not where we want to be yet in terms of gender balance, we believe with consistent effort and change, the dial will continue to move towards a more gender-balanced workplace.

Great Place to Work for Women

We aim to go above and beyond to ensure that the women in our workforce are treated fairly when it comes to pay, recognition, training and promotion opportunities; where they can take the time off they need to attend to childcare or other family commitments; and where they are encouraged, empowered and supported to do their best work.

Version 1 is delighted to support diverse events from Girls Who Code, School Reach Out, Women’s ReBoot, Sponsoring the Women In Tech Initiative at the Women in Tech Awards and STEM Ambassador Programme to Women in IT. This year we are delighted to  have been recognised as a Great Place to Work for Women award in both the UK and Ireland, something that really validated our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging efforts to date.


Please take a look at some of our Women at Version 1 initiatives and projects below.

Recent Accolades for our Equality Efforts:


Our Technology Partnerships

Use your talents to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions and services.

 AWS Logo
Amazon Web Services
Version 1 is a leader in Enterprise Cloud services and was one of the first AWS Consulting Partners in Europe. We specialise in migrating and running complex enterprise workloads in Public Cloud.
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Version 1 has been working in the Microsoft technology arena since 2006 and today is recognised as one of the most competent partners in the UK and Irish markets.
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Version 1 is recognised by our customers and Oracle for our leadership and ability to drive customer success through Oracle solutions and technology.
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Red Hat
Version 1 specialises in open source technologies and is recognised by our customers for our expertise in developing innovative, enterprise solutions through Red Hat technologies.
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Version 1 is proud to be an OutSystems Partner. As a long-term market leader, OutSystems are focused on constantly improving the developer experience and platform operation.
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International Women's Day 2022 & A GPTW for Women!

International Women's Day came shortly after we were certified as one of Ireland's best places to work for Women in 2022 by Great Place to Work! To celebrate we our first Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Manager, Chloë Gillard, to learn more about the challenges of growing a diverse and inclusive workspace, and how you can overcome them.

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Gender Pay Gap Reports

Established in 2017, the “gender pay gap” is the difference between the average hourly rate of pay between male employees and female employees. And at Version 1 we are committed to tackling inequality in our offices in any way we can. Ensuring that we foster an environment that has Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIBs) intersected into all that we do, and is central to achieving a great workplace and delivering well-rounded diverse business solutions for our customers.

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SWAN Site & Charter Launch

In February 2021 we launched the #StartsWithaName charter and dedicated website, recognising the role of a person’s name as a unique expression of identity that is to be respected, valued, explored and celebrated within an inclusive society. Signing the charter encourages organisations to learn to say each other’s given or chosen names properly, even when it pushes us outside of our cultural norms and comfort zones.

Sign the Charter

"How The Future Works" Podcast

Our Head of Legal and Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Lead, Aoibhe Cantwell, recently joined Eleanor and Barry Matthews on the "How The Future Works" podcast. The conversation covered the impact of the pandemic on Diversity and Inclusion, the importance of acceptance and belonging in the workplace and Version 1's Starts With A Name (SWAN) initiative.

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10 Version 1 Women Share Their Top Career Highlights

Since launching our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Programme, one of Version 1’s key focuses has been to increase the number of women working here. With this in mind, we asked 10 female members of our team from various locations to share their favourite experiences at Version 1, including what they love about working here.

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Amplifying Black Voices in NI Tech

In recognition of Black History Month Honey-Bell Oke from our team took part in a panel discussion talking about the Amplifying Black Voices in NI Tech, a Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging event sponsored by Version 1. Honey-Bell also did an insightful interview with Sync NI chatting about her positive experiences working at Version 1 and the importance of fostering a sense of belonging for all.

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Career Insights from our Female UK Digital & Cloud Team Members

We have an array of fantastic opportunities available on our UK Digital & Cloud Solutions team at present, so we recently decided to ask the team why anyone should join a career in tech alongside them. Featured fantastic female talent from across our offices, this video campaign, linked below, provides great insights and tips for anyone looking to join Version 1.

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Sponsorship of the Women in Tech Conference

Version 1 has been the proud sponsor of the Women in Tech Awards organised by Women in Business NI. This is an annual celebration of women and diversity in the technology industry. The awards aim to promote the success of female influencers in the tech industry, who in turn, can stimulate further dialogue around equality and inspire the millions of female tech enthusiasts around the world to become leaders in their own right.

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Inclusive Initiatives by Version 1:

Diversity & Inclusion at Version 1
#StartsWithAName Campaign
Our Shadow Board
Geek Girl Dinner 2020

Wondering about Maternity Leave, Wellness Efforts and more?

Discover all the benefits on offer to full-time employees here.

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Testimonials from our Team:

Olivia Caroll
Head of Service Reliability at Version 1

"I've had several positions throughout my 11-year career at Version 1, and have found little to no barriers to progression internally. Women are afforded equal opportunities when senior positions become available. It's all about grabbing the chances that come your way!"

Mary O' Connell
Project Manager at Version 1

"The Women's ReBoot process is a robust, well-resourced programme with a good balance between technical, coaching and practical skills. It has been a really great experience, and I am looking forward to continued career development and progress at Version 1."

Ger O'Sullivan
Head of Public Sector at Version 1

"Having taken maternity leave during my time at Version 1, I found that my career bounced back immediately once I returned. There is equality throughout the organisation, meaning you can have a healthy work-life balance as both a mother and a successful businesswoman at the same time."

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